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'Cash Me Ousside' Meme Girl Goes In On Kylie Jenner

'Cash Me Ousside' Meme Girl Goes In On Kylie Jenner


Mel Ramsay

Mel Ramsay

Another day, another 'Cash Me Ousside' story as Danielle Bregoli desperately clings to her five minutes of fame.

Fair play, I'd probably do the same.


Today, to make headlines, she decided to go after the Kardashians. Well, because why not?

Specifically, Kylie Jenner...

Appearing on a radio show, 13-year-old Danielle Bregoli revealed that she really fucking hates her because she'd 'do anything for attention'. Hmm...

She's asked: "Have you met Kylie?" To which she replies: "I don't like her. Like the way that she does shit, like urgh... It seems like she wants attention so bad. Like little bitch would do anything."

Pot, kettle, black?

"How do you go from fucking lips the size of a twig and a body that looks like a fucking paperclip and now you look like a hourglass? Like man, what the fuck?!" she continued.

What a strange soundbite.

She then spoke to TMZ and went in on the whole Kardashian clan.

You can see the video here.

The interviewer asks: "Are you worried about Kylie Jenner coming back at you?" to which she replies: "Who is she gnna come back at, bitch?! Ain't nobody scared of her!"

The interviewers replies: "She kinda runs Hollywood..."

She says: "Bitch I will whoop every Kardashian ass there is,

"Bitch, fuck her, fuck you, fuck your momma, fuck your whole clique."

When asked about Kim Kardashian, she says: "She fucked Ray J and now she's famous."

The thing is, we really can't blame her for doing all of this. Fame off the back of three words is pretty limited so what can you do? Who can blame her for cash-ing in?

She's Got Her Own Music Video And Clothing Line...

Meme fame is a fickle thing, so we can't really blame Danielle Bregoli for trying cash in on her notoriety while it lasts, can we?

I mean, she's already being replaced by a purple dove.

Danielle became an Internet hit after appearing on Dr Phil and screaming out her infamous threat.

Since then she's been all over the Internet and also popped up in a music video.

What a time to be alive.

Jumping on the chance to milk her 15 minutes for all it's worth, she also came out with her own range of clothes - yes, she really did.

If memes are life, you can pick up one of these stylish pieces:



However, one item has managed to get Danielle and her mum in a bit of trouble. Hanesbrands Inc., which owns the brand Champion, has contacted the Bregolis regarding this top:


According to TMZ, Hanes sent an 'angry letter' because it's pissed off about the quite obvious rip-off.

The company wrote that it needs to protect its "extensive consumer goodwill and reputation."

It has given her and her mum a week to stop producing any items using the 'Champion C'.

I guess they think that being associated with a girl who is best known for kicking off on telly and then punching someone on a plane is probably bad for business.

I just think it's pretty brave of Hanes to try and pick a fight with her, to be honest.

Featured Image Credit: Dr Phil/CBS

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