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Charles Bronson To Sue Richard Madeley For Defamation

Charles Bronson To Sue Richard Madeley For Defamation

Charles Bronson is suing TV host Richard Madeley for defamation after the presenter wrongly claimed he had attacked a prison governor in 2016.

The 64-year-old hard man alleges he was libelled on Good Morning Britain - watch a clip of the incident here:


Credit: ITV/Good Morning Britain

Madeley, interviewing Bronson's 37-year-old actress fiancée Paula Williamson, said: "He keeps reoffending.

"We have his charge sheet. In his last incident he attacked a prison governor last year."

When Paula responded that he had, in fact, last offended in 2013, the host looked into the ITV1 camera and said: "Charlie, you're watching now. You're lying.


"You know it was 2016, mate. It was. It was last year."

Madeley, 61, then continued his tirade, saying: "He's a bad 'un and he's got a lot of form."

Credit: Barcroft

According to the Sun, Good Morning Britain has acknowledged receipt of a notice of legal action and has been asked to retract Madeley's comments and make a compensation offer.

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Notorious Prisoner Charles Bronson Is Publishing A Book Of Poems

Notorious Prisoner Charles Bronson Is Publishing A Book Of Poems

A spokesman for the show said: "We mistakenly stated that Mr Salvador had attacked a prison officer in 2016.

"This was incorrect. We are happy to make this clarification."

Things have certainly been eventful of late for Charles Salvador - as he now calls himself, having dropped the surname 'Bronson' in 2014. Apparently he's desperate to have a baby with his fiancée Paula Williamson and is hoping for a little girl, the Mirror reports.

Charles has spent most of his life behind bars, due to violence towards prison staff and other inmates. But despite this, he's reported to have said: "I want a little baby. I've always fancied a daughter and I'll be the best dad in the world."

Credit: PA Images

He's even hoping that current prison legislation might be relaxed to allow him and Paula to conceive naturally.

He is reported to have told a friend: "Ten years ago, in this very jail, they started giving out condoms - where I come from that's encouraging sex. Why can't I have sex like they do here?

"Keep going on about human rights, cons keep getting legal aid to take them to court because their mattress is too lumpy or their porridge is too cold.

"This is a proper ­request about my angel daughter-to-be. I want to be a dad and come out to a beautiful angel with a beautiful wife."

Charles already has a son, Mike, who was born shortly before he was jailed for the first time in 1974.

For now, he's aware that the only realistic chance is to have a 'test tube baby'.

Featured Image Credit: Barcroft / Good Morning Britain

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