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Chris Evans Tries Cutting Dog's Hair In Lockdown And It Goes Badly Wrong

Chris Evans Tries Cutting Dog's Hair In Lockdown And It Goes Badly Wrong

Messing your own hair up is one thing - but let's leave the poor dogs out of this

Lockdown has deprived us all of so much - notably decent looking hair.

All over the world, people are experimenting with hideous looks they would never dream of if they were allowed out of the house, or trying to emulate the work of their hairdresser with disastrous results.

But Chris Evans has taken things one step further in attempting to cut his dog's hair - and messing it up badly.

The 38-year-old actor shared a photograph of the results on Twitter, describing his efforts as going 'so wrong, so fast'.

The photograph of his oddly sheared pooch Dodger has been liked more than 178,000 times, with one person attempting to comfort him by sharing a picture of her frankly disastrous DIY dog haircut:

Hopefully, Dodger will be able to forgive the Captain America actor, who adopted him from a shelter in 2015.

Since then, they have become quite the pair, with Evans putting his social media to good use and sharing frequent snaps of his beloved buddy:

Clearly, Evans appreciates how lucky he is to be able to have a furry friend to help him through lockdown, but perhaps he'll let Dodger grow out his coat going forward.

As for human lockdown haircuts, two mates from London have come up with a solution. Dan Silvertown, 27, and Jeroen Sibia, 31, have set up 'Lockdown Haircut', through which people can book a remote haircut with a barber for a good cause.

To get involved, all you need is WiFi, a webcam, a comb, clippers and £15 ($18.75). This cash will book you a 20-minute remote appointment with a barber who will talk you through the process of self-administering the style of your choice. Alternatively, you can let your lockdown buddy take control of the clippers, safe in the knowledge you're in the hands of your remote barber.

A fiver from your fee will go towards covering costs and VAT, while £7.50 ($9.38) will go to the barber and £2.50 ($3.13) will be donated to NHS Charities Together. The service also operates a salary sacrifice scheme, which gives the independent barbers the choice to donate all or some of their fee to the NHS too.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Chris Evans

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