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Conor McGregor Continues Riling 50 Cent By Saying He Has Moobs

Conor McGregor Continues Riling 50 Cent By Saying He Has Moobs

The Irish MMA fighter took to Instagram to continue his spat with the hip-hop legend, adding: 'You're 50, 50. 50 years old. F**k off."

The beef between Irish MMA fighter Conor McGregor and the rap legend 50 Cent doesn't show any sign of stopping any time soon. God help us.

Earlier this week McGregor called out 50 for blocking him on Instagram, which led 50 to post a video dragging McGregor's family into the mix.

Yesterday McGregor's clapped back, completely misconstruing the point of International Women's Day - by asking 50 to get his tits out for the lads.

You might remember that all of this started when McGregor called out 50 ahead of his bout with Floyd Mayweather due to 50's close association with Floyd.

50 later claimed to have made the deal for the fight between McGregor and Floyd Mayweather happen. Needless to say McGregor wasn't impressed by that, or 50's physique.

"Superior genes my big ballsack mate," McGregor said on Instagram, captioning a picture of a shirtless 50. "I am made of granite. You need a bra. You jabbed up fool."

"Hahahaha you should have stayed quiet and promoted that fight for me on the free like you did. But you just kept going with them fucking memes. Your 50, 50. 50 years old. Fuck off."

Never mind the fact that Fiddy's 42 and McGregor's made that joke before. Maybe he needs to think up some new ones.


Despite all this noise McGregor showed his admiration for 50, saying that they still play a few of his songs over in Ireland and even blasted one while he walked out to a UFC fight.

"It's all love tho fifty serious," he said.

It's probably for the best McGregor is trying to stay on 50's good side, given how savage the rapper was with his longstanding rival Rick Ross recently.

50 reacted to the news of Ross' hospitalisation by posting a pic of Rocky IV villain Ivan Drago, famously known for saying 'If he dies, he dies'. Brutal.

The end of McGregor's post suggests that he'd like to cool the beef down. Unsure how 50 will take being called old and fat though.

Featured Image Credit: Burger King/Instagram

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