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​Cristiano Ronaldo Reportedly Left £17k Tip At Greek Hotel

​Cristiano Ronaldo Reportedly Left £17k Tip At Greek Hotel

He asked hotel management to split the hefty sum evenly among all the workers

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

It's no secret that Cristiano Ronaldo is absolutely WADDED - even if he did have to accept a whopping €18.8 million (£16.5 million) fine from Spanish courts as part of a tax fraud case recently.

Thankfully for him, it doesn't look like that multi-million slap on the wrist has made too much of a dent in his finances - as proven by the fact he's reportedly just tipped staff at a Greek hotel £17,850 ($23,175).

According to the Sun, the footballer popped off to the stunning Costa Navarino resort in the Pelopnnese region of Greece straight after Portugal were booted from the World Cup.

And apparently he was so impressed by staff there (or so heartbroken from his team's exit from Russia 2018) that he left them the huge £17,850 tip on leaving - asking hotel management to split the sum evenly among all the workers.


After enjoying his jollies in Greece, Ronaldo will be getting ready for his new life in Italy, where he'll soon start playing for Juventus - and pocketing a not-too-shabby £500,000+ a week salary.

Speaking at his press conference, he said: "I am not sad to leave Real Madrid. I am here because I want a challenge.

"Players around my age are going to other countries like China. For this season I am so grateful for the option that Juventus gave me.

"I will try and show I am a top player. I will work hard. You all know my statistics. I'm ambitious."

Ronaldo had previously been at Real Madrid for nine years, which is an impressive stint in an age where players often swap teams often.

But before he could make it to the full decade, he'd decided to move on, with Real Madrid confirming the news in a statement that said: "Real Madrid CF confirms that, in response to the will and request expressed by the player Cristiano Ronaldo, he has agreed to transfer to Juventus FC.


"Today, Real Madrid wants to express its gratitude to a player who has proved to be the best in the world and who has marked one of the brightest times in the history of our club and world football.

"Beyond the titles conquered, the trophies achieved and the triumphs on the playing field during these nine years, Cristiano Ronaldo has been an example of dedication, work, responsibility, talent and improvement."

Now he's officially donned his new black and white kit for his new gig with Juventus, and he seems to wear it well - but then he would, given that he moved for a reported fee of £105 million ($136m). Yeeesh.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Cristiano Ronaldo

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