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Dani Dyer Reveals Why She Was Given Same Name As Her Dad

Dani Dyer Reveals Why She Was Given Same Name As Her Dad

Her mum decided to go for the name so ‘no other woman can do it’ should Danny get with someone else

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Dani Dyer has revealed the real reason she's got - more or less - the same name as dad Danny, admitting it was actually all down to her mum, Joanne Mas - who wanted to get one up on her partner and any future love interests he might have.

Appearing on this weekend's episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Dani said her mum had wanted to name her daughter after Danny so 'no other woman can do it' should he get with someone else.

Danny Dyer with Dani Dyer.

"They got together when they were 14, had me at 19," Dani explained.

"He was a young actor and wanted to have fun. My mum was like, 'If he wants to get with another woman, and have a baby' - she knows how women think - 'if they had a son, she'd call him Danny.'

"So, she got in there first. My mum was like, 'I'm going to call her Dani so no other woman can do it.'"

Dani continued to say she wasn't particularly impressed by the revelation, adding: "I was like, 'Mum, you think that far ahead? No wonder I'm the same as you!'"

While Dani won hearts across the nation alongside boyfriend Jack Fincham on ITV dating show Love Island, she said her and Jack have no plans to pursue a reality TV career, explaining they're just enjoying hanging out with each other 'privately' for now.

Dani with boyfriend Jack Fincham.

She said: "We're definitely not doing another show. We'd prefer to enjoy each other privately, rather than parading it constantly. We were still learning about each other - we still are.

"We moved in, we did a show together and it was constant. It didn't really give us time to bond on our own."

Speaking to the Sun in the wake of Dani's Love Island appearance, mum Joanne said there were other reasons why a future in reality TV wasn't necessarily for them.

"We've been offered a reality show," she told the paper. "But Danny is contracted at the BBC.

"We have always joked about it. People do say we need a show in our house because there's always a drama."

In Dani's episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, which airs on ITV at 9.45pm on Saturday 30 March, she's on the sofa alongside Line of Duty actors Vicky McClure and Adrian Dunbar, comedian Desiree Burch and Irish foursome Westlife.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Dani Dyer

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