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Dec Reveals That He Would 'Never Present I'm A Celeb' Without Ant

Dec Reveals That He Would 'Never Present I'm A Celeb' Without Ant

Fair play.

Mel Ramsay

Mel Ramsay

The idea of Ant and Dec not working together is something that's almost inconceivable to most. When it was revealed that Ant had to go into rehab for drink and prescription drugs issues, many questions were raised regarding whether or not he'd be out in time to present I'm A Celebrity in the lead up to Christmas.

Many names were thrown about, Holly Willoughby, Scarlett Moffatt etc. but it looks like those kinds of questions are redundant as Dec has reportedly revealed that he would not be willing to present the show without his best mate.

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A close friend of the pair told the Mirror: "Dec wouldn't work on screen without Ant on any major show and he has said the last thing he would do is go to Australia without him.

"To say he would consider working with Holly was ridiculous. He is a good friend of hers but he would not do that to Ant.

"Ant and Dec are a team with a huge emotional bond, they are like brothers and and Dec will only be hosting I'm A Celebrity with Ant by his side.

"They've got months yet to sort things out and the hope is that Ant will bounce back with another hit series of I'm A Celebrity and they will move on from this chapter in their career."

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Earlier this month, Ant released a statement regarding his issues and the fact that he was going into rehab. He said: "I feel like I have let a lot of people down and for that I am truly sorry.

"I want to thank my wife, family and closest friends for helping me through this really difficult time.

"I've spoken out because I think it's important that people ask for help if they're going through a rough time and get the proper treatment to help their recovery.

"The first step is to admit to yourself you need help."

Luckily, it seems that ITV are happy to give Ant the time he needs, with them reportedly allowing him as much time as he wants to get himself back on his feet.

However, they are also 'quietly confident' that he'll be sorted by the time I'm A Celeb rolls around, with a TV source adding: "It is very much business as normal on the show, trying to sign up celebrities and think of new Bushtucker trials.

"The boys have hosted every series of I'm A Celebrity and everyone expects to see them back in five months time."

Hopefully Ant's back to his normal self soon.

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