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​Ed Sheeran Ends Neighbours' Complaints By Simply Buying Their Homes

​Ed Sheeran Ends Neighbours' Complaints By Simply Buying Their Homes

He bought his home for £895,000 back in 2012, and since then has reportedly spent a total of £3.7 million buying up properies surrounding it

Some people get stuck with neighbours from hell - ones that blast out loud music while you're hoping to sleep, ones that having blazing rows at 6am, ones that have very, very audible sex while you try and tuck into your chicken kiev...

But Ed Sheeran has apparently eradicated that problem by buying a bunch of the houses surrounding his home in Framlingham, Suffolk. I mean, if you could, you would, right?

Sheeran bought his massive farmhouse for £895,000 back in 2012, and since then has reportedly spent a total of £3.7 million buying up properties around his - including another Grade II listed house next door for £450,000, also in 2012, a £925,000 detached house in front of his home in 2016, along with a bungalow on the other side of his drive for £525,000 in 2017.

Bav Media

According to Metro, Sheeran - whose net worth is estimated to be a huge £160m as of 2019 - had to buy the extra properties because neighbours kept complaining about all the building works he has in the pipeline.

The Daily Mail reported earlier this year that the singer's planning consultants had submitted an application to the local council for the works to the garden in November last year.

The plans, which were put together by award-winning Suffolk garden designer Sue Townsend, included weathered vintage oak decking, stepping stones from his drive to the main garden and paths around Sheeran's main house, orangerie terrace and farmhouse, along with four treated softwood compost bins.

Detailed plans outlined by the newspaper state: "The works involve laying new paving and composite decking around three properties, creating a kitchen garden with raised oak beds, brick paver and gravel paths, building the brick plinth base for a greenhouse."

While he already has a giant treehouse, as part of the continuing plans for his ever-expanding home, Sheeran also wanted to build a tree house and a 32ft chapel in the grounds of his house, but locals weren't too keen on the idea.

In a letter published by the council, one neighbour said: "We have no problems with the proposal but query the mention of the chapel which has not gained permission and is most likely to be an oversight and would also request that all external lighting is switched off between midnight and 7am."

He also came into a spot of bother with his giant kidney-shaped pond, which supposedly cost £500,000.

Sheeran's pond.
Bav Media

Neighbours told the Daily Mail that they are concerned it is now being used for recreational activities, with one local saying: "It all seems very strange but in actual fact it appears to have been very carefully thought through.

"The bales have been placed precisely in the right places and at the right angle to shield his pool."

The singer was granted permission to build the pond on the condition that it would attract wildlife, but he appealed it in the hope that it could also be used for leisure activities like swimming and fishing.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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