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Emily Ratajkowski Puts Piers Morgan Down After He Calls Her Out Again

Emily Ratajkowski Puts Piers Morgan Down After He Calls Her Out Again

Piers Morgan just can't seem to get enough of ripping into Emily Ratajkowski. It's like when you're in school and the boy who pulls the girl's pigtails just really fancies her. Either that or I was being severely bullied.

Back in July, Piers fired shots at Emily with the following tweet:


To which she replied:


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Well he's now decided that he could do with some more airtime and press so aimed the following at her...


Piers. Let's have a word. Maybe you should go after someone else because... well. Emily is pretty popular. And you? Well you're pretty divisive.

Rather than replying to him directly, she indirected him with this...

Well played.

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