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Fans Are Angry At Justin Bieber For Pretending His Wife Was Pregnant

Fans Are Angry At Justin Bieber For Pretending His Wife Was Pregnant

Many have criticised him as many women struggle to get pregnant.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

People are pretty sceptical about news on April 1st on account of everyone trying to get a bit of banter in for Fools Day.

So it's no surprise that people didn't believe Justin Bieber when he posted a sonogram on his Instagram page.

Justin Bieber/Instagram

Fans thought it was just another classic April 1st joke and that he and his wife Hailey Baldwin definitely weren't expecting their first child together.

But then he uploaded another picture of Hailey sitting in a chair, hooked up to an IV drip with medical professionals looking at her.

"If U thought it was April fools," the singer wrote on Instagram.

People couldn't believe their eyes, with one person writing: "Please tell me she ate something and you're checking on her omg."

Another added: "It better won't be an April fools cuz I'm crying hard ok."

Justin Bieber/Instagram

But then the 'joke' was made clear by Hailey, who commented on the picture saying 'very funny'. Fans were also quickly able to find the picture Bieber used is on the Wikipedia page for 'sonogram' and was taken in 2012.

Bieber later posted a picture of the same sonogram but with a dog's head to make it clear that they weren't expecting their first child.

But the joke hasn't gone down well with some people.

One person wrote: "Justin Bieber April fooled about Hailey being pregnant? No thought whatsoever of the 1 in 4 women who have miscarried and the 1 in 8 who are infertile and can't have children at all? I don't see the humour in that, to be honest."

Another said: "I don't know if this is an April fool's joke but if it is, it's disrespectful for you to fake Hailey being pregnant. There are literally women who are desperate to get pregnant, can't get pregnant at all, and suffered through miscarriages. Please have some respect."

People have been pretty vocal about not using April Fools Day as a chance to pretend you or someone you know is pregnant.

Bieber recently revealed he waited until he was married to Hailey until they had sex.

The newlyweds spoke to Vogue and said that from the moment they reconnected in May 2018, having briefly dated several years prior, they remained completely celibate until they were husband and wife for real.

Featured Image Credit: Justin Bieber/Instagram

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