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Fans Quick To Point Out What Courteney Cox's Hand Is Doing In David Beckham Selfie

Fans Quick To Point Out What Courteney Cox's Hand Is Doing In David Beckham Selfie

Even Jennifer Aniston asked 'Wait....WHAT'S HAPPENING?!!??"

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

There can be no secrets when it comes to the glitz and glam of celebville. There can also be no secrets when you happen to place your hand on the lap of a former footballer.

Yep, that's right. Courteney Cox posted a snap to Instagram with her hand resting on David Beckham's knee - in a hot tub.

Here they are, all hands on legs.

Eagle-eyes fans were quick to point out what they could see in the cheeky picture, which is believed to have been taken on the set of Modern Family.

The steamy snap also features fellow stars of the show, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet. We wonder whether they noticed what was going on?

*Hopes people can sense the sarcasm*

Another picture of the pair.

Fans joked and teased the pair with one saying: "I see that hand Courteney. Victoria sees it too."

Another added: "Omg I noticed it too. Imagine Victoria looking at this picture with an eyebrow raised."

A third said: "Courteney keep your hands to yourself," with someone else commenting: "If I was Victoria I would be fuming."

Some took to applauding Courteney with one joking: "Why is every thing you post so iconic, like just when I think you can't get more iconic you post a selfie with David Beckham. You're incredible, that's all I have to say."

Others loved the pair together: "For some reason, the photo of you together look so perfect!"

Jennifer Aniston couldn't stop herself from getting in on the action (sadly not the hot tub action) when she wrote: "Wait....WHAT'S HAPPENING?!!??" Followed by the quizzical and party emojis.

Jennifer Aniston commented on the picture.

It seems that Courteney causes a stir every time she posts a picture to Instagram. Last time she was celebrating her 55th birthday with Friends co-stars Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow.

She posted a photo of them together writing: "How lucky am I to celebrate my birthday with these two??? I love you girls. So much."

Lisa (who played Phoebe Buffay) and Jennifer (Rachel Green) posed for photos with the Monica Geller actor and people loved seeing the cast back together.

One user commented on the post: "I CAN DIE IN PEACE NOW!" with another saying it was their 'fave pic of the year'.

Someone else posted: "This makes me so happy!" and there were countless heart-eye emojis going on too.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/courteneycoxofficial

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