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Amir Khan Gets Halal Meals Prepared For Him On 'I'm A Celebrity...'

Amir Khan Gets Halal Meals Prepared For Him On 'I'm A Celebrity...'

It's been revealed that boxer Amir Khan gets halal meals prepared for him on I'm A Celebrity... Good thing, too, as otherwise he'd starve.

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

If you've been following I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! you'll know that one of the contestants stranded in the middle of the Australian jungle is 30 year-old boxer Amir Khan.

You might also know that the former WBA light-welterweight champion is a Muslim who, as a result of his religious beliefs, can only eat Halal food.

Credit: I'm A Celeb / ITV

So what does he do when the gang on the island win food? Well, it turns out that Amir is provided with a Halal option whenever his campmates are victorious in one of their Bushtucker Trials.

It means that Amir can keep practising his faith and, just as importantly, not starve to death while doing so. Which is nice.

The topic came up when one of Amir's 2.29 million followers on Twitter asked: "Forever wondering what @amirkingkhan does when there's all that haram meat around?"

Amir Khan
Amir Khan

A spokesman for Amir - who obviously can't tweet back because he's in the middle of the jungle - provided the answer: "Amir is provided with a Halal option whenever the camp win food."

It's been reported that Amir only signed on to take part in the programme when he was told he wouldn't have to compromise his Muslim faith.

And a good thing for him, too, as the deal he signed was reportedly worth £400,000, making him the highest paid contestant to ever appear on the show.

His beliefs, however, won't get him out of the harrowing challenges of eating bugs, as they're apparently acceptable for Muslims to consume. Only scorpions are banned.

Amir has been making headlines since appearing on the show, mainly because he asked a pretty stupid question the other day.

He wondered - aloud - if there had ever been a female British prime minister. We'll let that one sink in for a moment. The question prompted much ridicule from - you guessed it - the internet.

Thankfully, because he doesn't have access, the boxer is probably none the wiser about the question's reception. Not least from the current occupant of number 10 Downing Street.

If she's watching the show, we're guessing that Teresa May won't be backing Amir to win the whole thing.

Featured Image Credit: I'm A Celeb / ITV

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