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Actor Drake Bell From ‘Drake And Josh’ Ruins Childhoods With Racy Music Video

Actor Drake Bell From ‘Drake And Josh’ Ruins Childhoods With Racy Music Video

Josh Peck and Drake Bell entertained the masses for nearly 60 episodes in the mid-2000s on the Nickelodeon show Drake and Josh. Despite being opposite personalities, the on-screen stepbrothers made us laugh and cry as we seemingly grew as they grew.

But throw out any thought that they are kids trapped in a never-ending loop of reruns because one of the actors has proven they are most certainly adult.


Drake Bell played an aspiring musician in Drake and Josh and he's pursued that in the real world, releasing an EP last year that included four songs. Well, one of those tracks, 'Rewind' has been turned into a music video and it's very 50 Shades of Grey.

The three minutes and 53 seconds is basically him and a woman in a very darkened room, wearing next to nothing and it's not one to watch with your mum or dad.

If you still saw them as the geeky Nickelodeon teenagers, then this video should snap that out of your head. For some people, it was a raging hit. But others found the 'new' Drake hard to swallow.


During their simulated romp session, Drake and this mysterious woman smash furniture in between quick-fire dance moves. It all ends with the actor-musician lying on the bed, looking pretty broken by the whole experience, while the woman chugs on a cigarette.

A quick scan of his Wikipedia page reveals that he has quite the list in terms of musical influences. Well, if Wikipedia is to be believed.

That's including, but not restricted to: The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Brian Setzer, Oasis, Buddy Holly, Elvis Costello, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page, Eddie Cochran, Elvis Presley, and Chuck Berry.

Just to name, you know, some of the biggest musical acts of all time.

But if you haven't been keeping abreast of his career, thinking Drake was just a Noughties actor, he's been keeping very busy. In this decade alone, he has banged out 24 films, some of which were direct-to-DVD, a whopping 26 TV shows and four video games.

It appears his biggest role has been the voice actor for Marvel's animated Ultimate Spider-Man, which has casually racked up more than 100 episodes over four seasons.

Our childhood memories were ruined last year when it was revealed Drake hadn't been invited to Josh's wedding.

His partner in crime married his long-time girlfriend, Paige O'Brien, in a low-key ceremony, where Josh's Grandfathered co-stars John Stamos and Nicole Golfieri attended.

Drake fired off a bunch of tweets about 'true colours' coming out and the 'message is loud and clear', leading many to think the two had beef. Thankfully, two months later, they posted a picture of them hugging it out and the world was right again.

Featured Image Credit: Drake and Josh

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