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James McEvoy Has Beefed Up And Fans Are Noticing

James McEvoy Has Beefed Up And Fans Are Noticing

He's had to get hench for the 2019 film 'Glass' and that's caused a stir on social media

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Movie stars often have to change their appearance for roles which require someone who's hench, incredibly skinny, or somewhere in between - and Scottish actor James McAvoy is no exception.

But it's only been in the last few weeks that fans have noticed his impressive body transformation.

James McAvoy
James McAvoy

Credit: Getty Images

The Glaswegian stole hearts around the world in Atonement in 2007 but that was because of a torrid, yet touching romance with his co-star Keira Knightly.

Now he's make people weak at the knees for his hench body, which is the result of him getting ready for Glass. The film, due for release in 2019, is the third in a series directed by M. Night Shyamalan, coming after Unbreakable and Split.

McAvoy's character is Kevin Wendell Crumb, aka The Horde thanks to his struggles with dissociative identity disorder. He possesses 23 personalities and his body chemistry changes with each personality... which is where we meet his 24th personality, known as 'The Beast'. Oof, kinda sinister.

Therefore, he has had to get swole.

Credit: James McAvoy/Instagram

He uploaded a video to Instagram saying: "Working on Glass, I had to put on some weight, some serious muscle. We figured that on my legs that would be really important. That's why we hit this little baby. It's one of my favourite leg exercises."

Fans are unsurprisingly impressed by the body transformation.

One person wrote: "Now that Armie Hammer's stint as the Internet's Boyfriend is over, can we pls focus our attention on James McAvoy."

While another added: "Knowing James McAvoy is floating around in my city somewhere right now looking this thicc is an utter joy."

This person could hardly contain their excitement: "Move over, Nick Jonas. James McAvoy is here and he is thicc and he is popping and he will crush you with his arms and chest."

Yep, the thirst is real here, guys.


Glass has elements of both the Unbreakable and Split plotlines, with David Dunn (Bruce Willis), chasing after James McAvoy's 'The Beast', while Elijah Price (Samuel L Jackson) 'holds secrets critical to both men'.

Film bosses weren't all that keen for an Unbreakable sequel considering it did poorly at the Box Office, and it took a whopping 16 years for Split to finally be made.

Luckily McAvoy's body transformation came after filming finished for X-Men: Dark Phoenix as it would have been slightly weird for viewers to see Professor X bulging out of his wheelchair.

However, on second thought, that would actually be pretty brilliant.

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