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Jimmy Kimmel Quizzes Couples About How Long Their Sex Lasts

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Jimmy Kimmel Quizzes Couples About How Long Their Sex Lasts

After hearing about a study regarding how long sexual encounters should be, American TV personality Jimmy Kimmel was inspired to take his show to the streets to ask couples how long their lovemaking lasts.

Credit: Jimmy Kimmel LIve


However, the couples weren't allowed to consult each other, which revealed that some of them weren't quite on the same page - with one couple somehow managing to disagree by a margin of three hours.

Introducing the segment, Jimmy says: "I saw a study this week that asked 4,000 men and women from all over the world how long a sexual encounter should last.

"This was interesting. Women said sex should last 25 minutes and 51 seconds, and men said it should go for 25 minutes and 43 seconds - only eight seconds off, which is very surprising.

"I also think that it is important to note that the question was 'how long should sex last?', not 'how long does it actually last?'"


With his assistant Sal stationed out on Hollywood Boulevard, Jimmy then begins to ask the intimate question to couples via satellite link.

Nicole and Derek, a couple who have been together for 14 years, are the first pair to the stand. Jimmy starts off by asking them how they met.

"On the street," Derek shrugs. "I was getting jerk chicken."

Jimmy then explains: "I'm going to ask you a question, and what I need you to do is write the answer down, and don't reveal the answer until I ask you too. No peaking at each other's cards.


"The question is, on average, how long does a sexual encounter between you last? How long, in minutes or seconds, whatever, I don't know."

As the couple scribble down their answers, the crowd laughs at Jimmy's little running commentary on how long Derek is taking: "Derek is thinking about the ramifications!"

Jimmy Kimmel. Credit: PA
Jimmy Kimmel. Credit: PA

After Nicole reveals her answer of 'one hour', Jimmy sighs an exasperated 'Oh come on', before Derek shares his wishful answer of 'four hours'.


"You know I said sex, not an energy drink, right?" Jimmy quips at the ridiculous answer.

Nicole claims it to be true, depending on the day, while Jimmy jokes about it being 'a leap day'.

Couple number two are Vicky and Gregg from Kansas, who have been together for 28 years since meeting in eighth grade - but with their answers of '15 minutes' and 'one minute', Jimmy explains he's still none-the-wiser on the topic of how long sex should last.

The recently engaged third and final couple, John and Ross, have been together for two years. Both answer that they average out at about 30 minutes per sexual encounter, finally giving the same answer, much to Jimmy's delight.


Each of the lads added that the sex usually stops when one of them is 'tired' or 'hungry' - no doubt something everyone can relate to.

Words: Jade Culver

Featured Image Credit: PA

Topics: TV and Film, Funny, Sex, US Entertainment, TV, Jimmy Kimmel

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