People Think Dead Artist Is Responsible For Monolith In Desert
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Larry Lamb Once Bedded A Nun Ending Her 18-Year Celibacy

Larry Lamb Once Bedded A Nun Ending Her 18-Year Celibacy

Last night the majority of us tuned into ITV at 9pm because we love to hate a group of celebrities eating kangaroo dick in a jungle.

After you all finished gorping over Olympic heroine Sam Quek and former Strictly Come Dancing star Ola Jordan, you may have stopped and reflected on how much of a legend Larry Lamb is.

Flying straight over the fact that he exclaimed: "Scarlett needs saving," and then removed his trousers to do so, it was blatant that he's got a good sense of humour, and is going to make the series a decent one.


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700 years ago, give or take a few, when Larry was in his 20s, he was quite the Casanova. So much so, he actually managed to bed a nun, ending her 18 years of celibacy, and was very close to having a threesome with two sisters.

After his second marriage failed in the 70s, the Gavin & Stacy star was in America, where he met a penguin nun named Therese. The two hit it off, and he somehow managed to sleep with her, despite the lady living under a vow of chastity.

"It was madness," he wrote in his 2011 autobiography, 'Mummy's Boy'. "I was pretty rampant back then but, as she used to laugh, 'Larry, I've got 18 years to catch up - 18 lost years'."


"We spent a lot of time together that summer and I think I might have helped her with about nine of them."

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Larry certainly was rampant back in his glory years, proved even more by the time he was sat between two Spanish sisters, and he, I quote, was "determined to bed them both."

One a banker, the other an artist, he'd found himself the accessory to a fairly cultured Spanish omelette in Madrid in 1984.


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"[It was] the most unbelievable time of my life," he wrote. "I found myself at the dinner table between two sisters. One was an artist and one was a banker, and they lived in a lovely old studio at the top of a small apartment block owned by their family.

"I was besotted with the artist, but over the weeks I grew more determined to bed them both.

"I finally bedded the banker. The artist left us to it."


You can't imagine that Larry will be up to his old tricks in the jungle, even with the amount of women surrounding him, plus he's been in a relationship since 1996.

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