Ricky Gervais Admits He's Been 'Drunk Every Day' Since He Was 18

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Ricky Gervais Admits He's Been 'Drunk Every Day' Since He Was 18

There are people out there who have an admirable commitment to putting the drinks away - and we don't mean back in the cabinet.

It turns out that comedian Ricky Gervais is one of them, as he admitted he's been drunk 'every day' since he turned 18.

The 56-year-old TV star, known for shows like The Office and Extras, has spoken of how he loves a good piss-up despite the odd disaster here and there.

"I was sober for 18 years - the first 18 years of my life," Gervais told the Star on Sunday, "and I have been drunk every day since."


"There has not been a day when I haven't had a drink."

The festive period probably isn't the time of year for him to think about changing that - not that he's going to.

Gervais has even gone so far to admit that drinking has led him to wet the bed on one occasion.

Despite drinking making him wake up in his own filth, Gervais has said that he has no plans to give it up. He's even given up exercise too.


"I got fat for 15 years from 30 to 45, then I started to get fit," he said. "I didn't want to give up any food or drink so I worked out.

"Now, because I am old, weak and my bones hurt, I cannot work out hard enough to burn off the calories I eat at night."

TV funnyman Ricky became famous in 2001 for playing crap manager David Brent in the sitcom The Office - the most successful British comedy of all time.

While his original version of the show was short-lived, no doubt Ricky will be chuffed to know that the American version of The Office is set for a revival next year.


Credit: NBC

The show was last on US screens in 2013, but rumours are that NBC is planning to revive the show for its 2018/19 season.

According to TV Line, the revival won't see the return of Steve Carell, who played regional manager Michael Scott for seven seasons.


However, sources 'close to NBC' have confirmed that the show will feature 'a mix of old and new cast members', including a new regional manager to replace Carell.

NBC has declined to officially confirm or comment on the news that The Office will be returning, but it's enough for fans of the show to get their hopes up.

No doubt Ricky will be enjoying a tipple or two this Christmas to celebrate.

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