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Ryan Reynolds Was Born To Play Deadpool - This Story Proves It

Ryan Reynolds Was Born To Play Deadpool - This Story Proves It

How great is Ryan Reynolds? He's definitely the kind of bloke you'd want to go for a pint with. He just seems like a genuine, funny guy who worships his wife and two daughters. That's the kind of celebrity I want to see.

However, Reynolds definitely has another secret child (apart from the two he shares with Blake Lively) and that's Deadpool. It's well documented that Reynolds fought to make the movie for 11 years. But why was he so keen?


Footage has recently resurfaced of Reynolds speaking at Google about the movie as it was coming out in 2016.

You can watch it below...

Okay, it's 27 minutes long, so here's the bit you should really be paying attention to.

Referring to his role as Hannibal King in Blade: Trinity, he says: "I played a character in [a] movie that I guess resembles Wade Wilson in Deadpool, and a rival executive at another studio said, 'I saw a little piece of Blade, and you're Wade Wilson. You're Deadpool.'


"At the time - this is in 2004 - I didn't know who Deadpool was.

"And he said, trust me, if they ever make a movie, you're the only guy that can play Deadpool. So he sent me over all these comics... I'm not a big comic book guy, but I really gravitated toward Deadpool. I fell in love with Deadpool.

"The first issue I opened up - I'm not making this up - I was on the panel. Like, in the comic. Somebody asked him what he looks like. He says, 'I look like a cross between Ryan Reynolds and a shar-pei.' And I was like, 'Jesus, this is fucking destiny.'"

Yep, that is actually in the comic.

Credit: Marvel Comics

He was as surprised as we are. He continued to describe his reaction: "'What the hell? Who's fucking with me? Is like, Kirk Cameron going to jump out of the corner with his little candid camera, and I'm going to offend him with my swears?'

"So I just kept reading them all, and I fell so in love with this character. He was like, meta. He breaks the fourth wall, addresses the audience.

"He knows he's in a comic book. I mean, in the film, Deadpool makes fun of Ryan Reynolds. And I love that. I love that he gets to do that. It's kind of a groundbreaking, genre-bending property. And the fact that a studio let us make it - not just let us make it, but let us make it as a rated R movie - was just crazy."

So he really was born to play Deadpool. Even the comic writers knew it.

How cool is that?!

Featured Image Credit: PA Images

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