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Odds Are That Declan Donnelly Will Name His New Baby Ant

Odds Are That Declan Donnelly Will Name His New Baby Ant

Dec is having a baby and obviously the bookies think that he's going to call it Ant

Mike Wood

Mike Wood

It's been a turbulent old time for And and Dec, the nation's favourite TV duo. While Ant McPartlin's myriad problems have been laid bare in front of the entire nation, from a drink driving arrest to a spell in rehab, his TV partner, Declan Donnelly, has announced that he and his wife are expecting their first child.

We're sure that, even in the midst of the personal turmoil that he is currently experiencing, Ant was quick to offer congratulations to his showbiz collaborator (and best mate) on impending fatherhood.

Now Ant can perhaps take some solace from the knowledge that, if the bookies are to be believed, he is the favourite to have the new child named after him.

That's right: there's already a betting market on what the baby will be called, and Anthony is a nifty 3/1 favourite.

Declan Donnelly and Ali Astall at their 2015 wedding.

Ladbrokes has installed Ant at the top of the tree, followed by Holly at 10/3, Scarlett at 4/1, Ben at 6/1 and Cat or Phillip at 8/1. Clearly the Ladbrokes odds wizards think that Ant and Dec lived in a kind of ITV cage, where the only contact they had with the outside world came via their other telly presenter pals.

Ant is an obvious choice - though it'd be weird to name your kid after your best mate - and then Holly (presumably after Holly Willoughby) and Scarlett (Moffat, you'd imagine - she did win I'm A Celebrity and she's from the North East too) are possible. Ben... well, yeah. Shephard? Who knows?

Phillip (Schofield) and Cat (Deeley) round off a list that seems to imply that Dec is dead set on naming his offspring after a colleague. Ladbrokes has actually given odds on Fearne, Piers and Dermot too, although naming your kid after Piers Morgan is probably considered child abuse in some quarters.

Alex Apati of Ladbrokes told LADbible: "It's early days, but the odds suggest if Dec is to name his first born after a showbiz pal, it's Ant who'll have the honour."

Almost seems a shame now that Mr Blobby and Peppa Pig weren't included, too.

The baby was announced over the weekend. Dec and his wife, Ali Anstall, have been trying to have a child for almost 10 years and will be thrilled to finally be able to start a family, even in their forties.

Meanwhile, Ant has recently returned to rehab after being charged with drink driving.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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