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​Watch Tommy Wiseau's Amazing Audition Tape For The Joker

​Watch Tommy Wiseau's Amazing Audition Tape For The Joker

Heath Ledger's turn as The Joker in The Dark Knight was so iconic that it not only earned him a posthumous Oscar, but also completely redefined the legendary Batman baddie.

It was also so iconic that, after Ledger sadly passed away from an accidental prescription drug overdose, we haven't been able to imagine anyone else stepping into the role.

Variety may have reported that Joaquin Phoenix was in talks to star in Todd Phillips' as-yet-untitled stand-alone Joker origin film, but now someone else has thrown their hat in the ring - kind of.


Tommy Wiseau - the man who directed, produced and starred in cult flop The Room - tweeted Phillips with an invitation to direct message him about the role.

He later confirmed in another tweet that he was dead serious, saying: "Yes! I want to be THE JOKER!"


The tweet also bore some fan art of Wiseau as the famous baddie.

We have no idea whether or not Phillips ever did slide in to Wiseau's DMs, but that's not stopped the fella from remaining persistent - having now also created an audition tape with Nerdist.

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Dolled up in The Joker's trademark full-face make up, straggly green hair and a purple suit, Wiseau spends most of the three-minute video simply yelling and laughing into the camera.


Greg Sestero (The Room co-star and author of The Disaster Artist) even makes a cameo appearance in the clip - as Batman, no less.

Sure, it's clearly all a bit of fun, but you know what? Wiseau is pretty damn convincing. It could totally work.

Wiseau has now also asked Twitter what they thought of the tape, tweeting:


While some said that they though the was 'acting too much' or that he was riffing on Ledger's characterisation rather than making the role his own, most people were absolutely sold.

One wrote: "They'd be stupid not to hire you. In fact, if you don't get the role then I'll be tempted to write my own superhero movie and cast you as the villain, because I'm smart and I know a golden opportunity when I see one."

Another said: "I think you'd play a great Joker. I think if you could feed off the emotion of everyone telling that you can't do it, you could be the best Joker yet."

Another person, meanwhile, just ingeniously wrote: "Wiseau serious, Tommy?"

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