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What Exactly Has Happened To Seann William Scott?

What Exactly Has Happened To Seann William Scott?

It's quite weird with Seann William Scott, because for the most part, when he's in films, it's lapped up by audiences. However, when he's not in films, you very rarely find anyone who's desperate for him to return to their screen.

He's quite lucky, to be honest. He's made a rather successful career playing exactly the same character in most of the movies he's in, but he's rather mysteriously disappeared off the face of the Earth.

His last job of any note was when the cast of American Pie reunited in 2012, which finally saw Stifler get his own back on Finch, by shagging his mum. Since, he's had a few sporadic voice roles for Ice Age TV shorts, but has been nowhere near as prevalent as he was between 1999 and 2010.


The reason he's not landing as many roles as he once did is because he's defined by that one role he played: the attractive, boisterous, sex orientated, popular high school guy, who loves being the centre of attention. He's no longer in his 20s, therefore can't really pull off that act, unless it's some kind of '10 years later' guff, which has already been done by American Pie.

All this is pretty translatable to a lot of his fellow cast members on the legendary teen movie series, because you don't regularly see them in any TV or film, do you? Tara Reid is probably the only one who gets a lot of work, because the character she has adopted fits into just about anything and is timeless.

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Scott has been in some really, really poor films over the years, ones that don't even deserve to be mentioned, and that has obviously stunted his progress in Hollywood.

However, it could be a case that decisions made by the 40-year-old early on in his career have had a detrimental effect on the rest of his acting life.


Looper alludes to the fact that following Dude, Where's My Car? Ashton Kutcher starred in various roles, most notably at the time in The Butterfly Effect, a cult classic from 2003. However, this meant that he could show his diversity in acting, resulting in picking up more high profile opportunities, as well as still keeping that goofy comedy element. Scott didn't do this.

Back in 2010, looking a bit worse for wear, the Goon star made an unaccredited cameo in Jackass 3D. In the segment, which involved Johnny Knoxville being screwed over by American football players, the actor said nothing. Not one word. He looked disapproving of the activities and didn't look too well. A year later he reportedly checked himself into rehab for 'unspecified health and personal issues'.

Next year he's set to reprise the character Doug Glatt in Goon: Last of the Enforcers, a sequel to the 2011 film Goon. It is fundamentally about a semi-professional ice hockey player. Maybe that'll bring back some of his early success?

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