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​What The Kids From 'School Of Rock' Are Up To Now

​What The Kids From 'School Of Rock' Are Up To Now

Many of them aren't even in the acting game anymore, and have instead pursued musical careers.

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Released back in 2003, School of Rock is now 14 years old, believe it or not. The musical comedy starring Jack Black revolves around struggling musician Dewey Finn, who disguises himself as a substitute teacher at a posh prep school and makes his uptight fourth-grade kids form a rock band.

Clockwise from top left: Miranda Cosgrove as Summer, Joey Gaydos Jr as Zack, Kevin Clark as Freddy, Robert Tsai as Lawrence, Maryam Hassan as Tomika, Rebecca Brown as Katie, Aleisha Allen as Alicia and Caitlin Hale as Marta. Credit: Paramount

You probably know about Miranda Cosgrove, who played stuck-up Summer and went on to act in Drake & Josh, iCarly and, more recently, Girlfriend in a Coma. But what about the rest?

Credit: PA

Joey Gaydos Jr. played guitar-shredding Zack, who became the lead guitarist in the School of Rock band. Since then things have been a bit rocky - he got into a spot of trouble in 2009 when he was arrested for underage DUI (Driving Under the Influence) - but now seems to be doing pretty well for himself, having grown up to become an actual rock star. He now lives in Detroit, and has been playing guitar both solo and in various bands.

Credit: Instagram/@joeygaydosjr

And he's not the only one who's continued with music - in fact, a fair few of the child stars have taken that route.

Kevin Clark, who played Freddy, is now a professional drummer living in Chicago, according to, while Robert Tsai, who played nerdy guy Lawrence, graduated from Dartmouth university - where he would often play piano in concert.

Credit: Brandon Edick / Wikipedia

Rebecca Brown, who played bass player Katie, apparently still plays the bass, and also performed with the band Sweet Revenge at one point. She also has her own YouTube channel, where she posts videos of her music, and you can catch her on Twitter - her bio says that she's currently performing in Spamilton, a musical parody of Broadway show Hamilton.

Aleisha Allen played Alicia, the little girl with braces who was one of the back-up singer. She's since acted in several other films - most notably alongside Ice Cube in films Are We There Yet and Are We Done Yet.

Credit: Instagram/Aleisha Allen

The actress who played Marta (or 'Blondie' as Dewey nicknamed her) is Caitlin Hale. Since appearing in the film she's decided to take neither a musical route nor acting, and is pursuing a career in entertainment journalism after graduating from Arizona State with a degree in journalism, reports

The one that no one knows as much about is Maryam Hassan, who played Tomika - the kid with the killer lungs. She did perform with her School of Rock pals at the 10 year reunion a few years back, and her IMDB page describes her as an 'actress and composer'.

And, of course, we all know what Jack Black's been up to lately, most recently having starred in the Jumanji reboot alongside The Rock, Kevin Hart and Karen Gillan.

Not bad going, guys - good to know so many of them stuck with the music thing rather than just growing up to be failed actors.

Source:, IMDB

Featured Image Credit: School of Rock / Paramount

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