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Zac Efron Is The Perfect Actor To Play Ted Bundy

Zac Efron Is The Perfect Actor To Play Ted Bundy

Even Ted Bundy's former lawyer has said the star is a good fit for the serial killer

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

More photos of Zac Efron from behind the scenes of Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile have emerged and they show the actor looking like an absolute ringer for serial killer Ted Bundy.

Zac Efron as Bundy/Bundy's mugshot
BACKGRID/Florida Police

Shooting for the movie began earlier this month, and Efron has shared some sneaky snaps of himself in character on social media.

Of course, some people may have reservations about whether the guy most well-known for starring in High School Musical can step into the shoes of one of the US' most prolific and grisly serial killers.

Bundy, who was killed by the electric chair in 1989, confessed to 30 murders, but many believe the true number could be much higher.

However, it's Efron's preppy-looks that actually go in his favour here, because Ted Bundy - as well as being one of the most evil men to walk the planet - was charming and handsome, relying on his looks to help him carry out some of his terrible crimes.

Bundy was a well-dressed, 'all-American' guy, who also knew how to get into people's heads - probably thanks in part to his studies in psychology. Bundy claimed some of his victims while using fake crutches, a cast or a sling - pretending to struggle with his briefcase, or a pile of books, before asking a female passer-by if she would help.

Clean-cut Bundy didn't appear to be a threat, so the women would offer their assistance and never be seen alive again.

Other times, he would pose an authority figure and, again, victims would take him at his word and trust him. To pull something like that off you need to be confident - something which we can safely assume Efron is, so tapping into that isn't going to be a struggle for the Baywatch star.

Florida Police

Efron even gets the thumbs up from Bundy's former lawyer John Henry Browne, who used the -perhaps ill-judged - phrase 'dead on' to TMZ. The lawyer also reckons that the movie could be a 'career maker' for Efron.

Naturally, the charm and charisma were just part of Bundy - the other side of him was a sadistic killer who would torture, and often decapitate, his victims. He would dispose of the bodies outdoors, but then pay sick visits to the corpses where he spend time grooming them before carrying out vile sexual acts.

And Browne says it's this part that will prove to be a challenge for Efron - or as he puts it when he attempts to capture his 'essence of evilness'.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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