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Greg James Breaks Silence On Why He Missed Radio 1 Breakfast Show

Greg James Breaks Silence On Why He Missed Radio 1 Breakfast Show

The radio DJ released a short message revealing he has been 'taken'

The mystery of Greg James' whereabouts this morning has had Radio 1 presenters and listeners scratching their heads, after he failed to show up for his show at 6.30am after being at the BRIT Awards last night - but now the radio DJ has broken his silence, offering up a bit of an explanation. Well, kind of:

While you'd assume James has simply been sleeping off a mammoth hangover, he's now released a short message revealing he has been 'taken'.

James said: "I've been given 20 seconds to talk - I have been taken.

"I was taken from the BRITs last night. I was at an after party, and I was taken and I am locked away.

"I am not in touch with the outside world - all I've been told is I can speak to Scott and Chris on Radio 1 at 1pm, so listen on BBC Sounds.

"Bella, Barney, I am fine but I am confu..."

The message was then cut off.

Greg James.

Thankfully, the tone of his voice didn't seem to imply it was anything too serious, meaning we can all hope it's part of an elaborate stunt.

James' show usually kicks off at 6.30am on weekdays, but this morning there was a bit of a twist when Adele Roberts greeted listeners.

She announced: "Yeah about that, Radio 1 Breakfast with Adele Roberts - I can't believe this is happening."

Roberts went on to describe her BBC colleague as a 'dirty little no show' and appealed to fans and listeners for information regarding his whereabouts.

She asked them: "Has anyone seen him, on anyone's Instagram?

"The last I saw him know Grace on Breakfast, he was on Grace's Instagram Stories about midnight.

"I saw a flash of him with Yannis from Foals.

"If you do spot him, please do send him our way."

Foals had also tweeted a picture last night with Greg James, writing mysteriously: "Greg James we won, you are coming with us."

Let's hope he makes it back to the Radio 1 studio safe and sound, eh?

Featured Image Credit: PA

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