Woman Finds Creepy 'Hidden Room' In Her New House
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Halle Berry Spots Herself On The Wall Of Prince Harry's High School Dorm Room

Halle Berry Spots Herself On The Wall Of Prince Harry's High School Dorm Room

When you move into your new school dorm room or uni halls, we all know it's all about how you pimp up the place. Those tiny rooms are usually a little bit soulless, meaning you have to personalise them a bit - make them a little bit of you and all that.

A poster here, a couple of cushions there, a few framed photos dotted about to remember those back at home. Maybe even a cactus or two, because they're the least killable plants.

Well, it turns out Harry was just like us when he went to high school, where he packed his dorm room with the sort of paraphernalia we know and love.

Credit: Getty
Credit: Getty

In the recently-resurfaced photo, you can see some posters, a few photos, a hi-fi system (yep, back before all this Spotify business) and a wall hanging. Oh, and a few dirty mugs, too, which is perhaps the most #relatable of all.

But a certain Hollywood actress also spotted an amusing little detail:

Yep, pinned to that wall hanging is a magazine cut-out of none other than Halle Berry.


In the tweet, Berry also tagged Missy Elliot and referenced a line in her song 'Work It', in which Elliot raps: "Boy, lift it up, let's make a toast-a / Let's get drunk, that's gonna bring us closer / Don't I look like a Halle Berry poster?"

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Berry and Elliot have been bonding over the link lately over on Twitter:

But this photo really is the most perfect climax to the thread. A literal Halle Berry poster - on a prince's wall, no less.


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After Berry shared her revelation on Twitter, social media users were shook.

One wrote: "I still can't believe that the only person/item on his vision board was halle. I'm scrimmin. g'warn halle!"

Another said: "He's as cool as the other side of the pillow."

Someone else commented: "You know you made it when the prince has your poster hanging up."


Others were also busy spotting other interesting details in his room - with many noting the framed photo of his mum, Princess Diana, sitting next to him on the desk. D'awww, Hazza!

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