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​I’m A Celebrity’s James McVey Reportedly Giving Harry Redknapp Half Of His Food

​I’m A Celebrity’s James McVey Reportedly Giving Harry Redknapp Half Of His Food

McVey apparently spotted 71-year-old Harry struggling on the limited rations

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

You don't exactly go on I'm A Celebrity for the food, instead relying on all that sweet, sweet exposure and publicity for sustenance. Mmmm, book deals and gossip columns. Tasty.

But there's apparently one star who's going even hungrier than his fellow campmates, having been dishing out half his food to ol' Harry Redknapp.

Hero of the day James McVey apparently spotted 71-year-old Harry struggling on the limited rations, and ended up giving him some of his vegetables to keep him strong, according to James' girlfriend.

James McVey and girlfriend Kirstie Brittain.
Instagram/Kirstie Brittain

Kirstie Brittain told The Sun: "James is being generous with his food, giving it to Harry because Harry is struggling so much with all the meats.

"James is veggie so he's giving Harry half his veg, which is why he's gotten so skinny."

Kirstie, who's been with the 24-year-old Vamps star for four years, added: "James was slim when he went in so he's lost a lot of weight. Sair Khan told me how generous he has been. We're not seeing it on screen.

"James sees Harry as a grand-father - it's so cute. He really wants to look after him, which is why he's giving him his food."

Apparently James McVey sees Harry Redknapp as a bit of a grandfather figure.

After his eviction on Sunday night, Harry and James' former campmate Malique Thompson-Dwyer called Harry a 'fussy eater', and said he would never have made it through the grisly trials without everyone forcing him to eat along the way.

Malique told the Mirror : "A lot of the meat, because Harry has lost his sense of smell, all the meat just looks absolutely disgusting to him.

"There have been days where we have to pretty much force him to eat. He is a fussy eater so we try to make it as nice as possible. Like baby food."

Emily Atack, meanwhile, said her clothes are no longer fitting her since starting the extreme jungle diet.

"These were tight when I came in here," she said. "I just want to lose a bit of weight so that when I get home and it's Christmas I have a bit of room and can put it back on again. I love food so much, I love cheese and champagne and salads, fries, yum."

A spokesperson for the show also told the Mirror: "We monitor the campmates health and Harry is in great form."

A show insider also told the Sun that, while the portions are small, the food is 'very healthy'.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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