In My Personal Space Episode Seven: Kyle Walker Up Close And Personal

Sponsored by Wrigley's Extra
Sponsored by Wrigley's Extra
In My Personal Space Episode Seven: Kyle Walker Up Close And Personal

Kyle Walker is pretty used to getting close to other blokes. He does it all day every day, marking defenders at corners, grappling with them to win the ball and secure possession for his team.

Getting up close and personal with a comedian asking him to rate his teammates in the most unusual way possible, however, is a different matter. When the Man City and England defender took on the Wrigley's Extra In My Personal Space challenge with Tom Ward, Kyle faced an opponent arguably more demanding than any of the opponents that he faces on the pitch.


That's because Tom is famous for asking the questions that put the celebs on the spot, and for asking them from an uncomfortably short distance from their face. Lucky that they had Extra gum on hand to ease the tension. After all, they're at breathing distance.

For a footballer, there are plenty of topics to cause discomfort: just how rich are you? Do you miss being 'normal'? What is it like having thousands of fans sing your name?

The ability to deal with difficult situations under pressure is one of the key skills that a defender needs in the beautiful game, and given that Kyle Walker is one of the best right backs in the British game, you might expect that he comes up smelling of roses. But for all his physicality, skill and mental strength, not much could prepare him for this. Kyle puts on a brave face, however, and manages to handle Tom's questioning with confidence (well, for the most part). After holding the hopes of a nation on his shoulders in the summer, maybe holding his nerve at such close quarters comes easy. It certainly doesn't look it.

He handles the experience as well as could be expected - but that doesn't stop a good few difficult situations sneaking through. At one point they even resort to trading noises rather than words, but the pair stay on level terms. Perhaps next time Kyle takes to the field and has to deal with a winger bearing down on him, he'll be grateful that it isn't a barmy-haired comedian.

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