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Jack Black Finally Got A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Jack Black Finally Got A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

The much-loved actor is the 2,645th star to be immortalised on the famous Hollywood sidewalk

Megan Walsh

Megan Walsh

He's had a place in our hearts since the days of Tenacious D and Shallow Hal, and now our favourite funny man Jack Black has finally got himself a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. About bloody time, too.

On Tuesday 18 September, the 49-year-old actor became the 2,645th star to be immortalised on the famous Hollywood sidewalk in front of a crowd of loved ones and loyal fans.


"I've wanted one of this things for so long," he said in his acceptance speech. "Since I was a kid I thought, 'Oh man, if you get one of those stars on the sidewalk, that means you've made it,' and I feel like I've finally grasped that sweet brass ring."

Of course, it didn't take long for old Jack to break out into chorus.

"And the question is, where do we go now? In the immortal words of Axl Rose," he said, before belting out that famous Sweet Child O' Mine line: "Where do we go now?"

And that's when he announced his retirement.

"Seriously, it's time to pass the torch to the Uzi Verts and the Lil Peeps and the Tommy and Sammy Blacks of the world," he told the crowds of people.

But don't worry, guys. I think that retirement is a long time coming. If it's even coming at all.

After a few sorrowful cries, Jack went on to say:

"So I'm just going to do Jumanji 2, Kung Fu Panda - one more of those. Three more Tenacious D albums, and then I'm sorry but that is it. Then I retire.

Paramount Pictures/YouTube

"Unless something really cool comes around. Like if a Jim Jarmusch comes a-knockin', you know I gotta party with The Much!

"But then I will go right back into retirement. Daniel Day Lewis Style."

He ended his speech with a rather unexpected jab at US President Donald Trump, referring to him as a piece of shit before he said farewell to the crowds.

His parting words were: "Anyway, I love you all so much. Except for Donald Trump; he's a piece of shit. Peace out, love you!"


And while we love him and can't wait for new Tenacious D material, his choice of words about the president has been met with criticism on social media, with some claiming his impromptu jibe was distasteful.

"Well... you took your bright and shining moment and turned it into shit," said one irritated Instagram user.

Another added: "Love your work. But your acceptance speech for your star unfortunately drops your stock. Sad."

But would we really expect anything less in an acceptable speech from Jack Black? After all, he is the very same man who taught us that "you're not hardcore, unless you live hardcore".

Featured Image Credit: PA

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