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Jake Paul Brutally Trolls Dana White With Halloween Costume

Jake Paul Brutally Trolls Dana White With Halloween Costume

Jake Paul and girlfriend Julia Rose didn't hold back with their Halloween costumes

Jake Paul and his girlfriend Julia Rose have brutally trolled UFC chief Dana White with their Halloween costumes this year.

The 24-year-old Paul brother posted a picture on Instagram showing him dressed as the 52-year-old:

The social media star was wearing a bald cap alongside a UFC t-shirt and a green jacket over the top.

Taking things up a notch, in his hand Jake can be seen holding a bag of '(UFC) Unlimited Free Cocaine'.

The inspiration he got was from a forum post that reads: "News - Brazilian Stripper Taped Dana White Banging her, Boyfriend..." before cutting off.

The picture alongside the article was of Dana with a model who was wearing a leopard print leotard and leopard print bunny ears.

Jake's girlfriend Julia was dressed as the model in her own leopard print attire finished off with a bow tie around her neck.

Jake Paul.

Jake captioned the article: "Happy Halloween from Dana White and his hookers," followed by a ghost and pumpkin emoji.

For reference, the headline accompanying the pictures about Dana being taped refers to a 2015 extortion case in a lawsuit filed by the man convicted of the crime.

The lawsuit was brought by Ernesto Joshua Ramos, who pleaded guilty in 2015 to trying to extort US$200,000 in exchange for a sex tape allegedly showing White, which the suit claimed had been filmed by Ramos' girlfriend at the time without his knowledge.

White said in a statement at the time: "I just found out that a bulls*** lawsuit was filed against me yesterday.

"This guy went to federal prison for trying to extort me over five years ago. Now he's hired a lawyer who is also a convicted felon, and he's trying to extort me again for $10 million. He got no money from me last time and he won't be getting any money from me this time."

UFC president Dana White.

Moving away from the court case and back to Jake Paul, Dana has been having a bit of a battle with the social media sensation-turned-boxer for some time now, claiming back in April that Jake would get 'knocked out' soon.

He also said that the YouTubers '15 minutes are nearly up' when he spoke to, saying: "I hate the dildos who pop in here and say 'Hey, pay Jake Paul'. I hate them worse than I hate Jake Paul.

"Listen, the kid is making money and makes people care. He makes people give a s***.

"I don't hate the kid, I know people are very excited for the day when he gets clipped and gets knocked out.

"It is coming. His 15 minutes are nearly up, but the kid is going to make some money. Good for him."


White also said he would never work with the Paul brothers when he spoke to ESPN, saying: "First of all, I would never do business with those guys, just no.

"No, this is not what we do. I'm not gonna f****** loan them a guy for f****** what? There's no way. You got plenty of f****** goofballs out there that you can muster up to get in there and play these games that these guys are playing. Yeah, I'm not your guy."

The comments clearly didn't go unnoticed by Paul, who later posted a photo of himself on Instagram, writing in the caption: "Enjoying my 15 minutes of fame."

He also tagged the location of the pic as 'UFC Headquarters', although it appears to be taken on a private jet.

LADbible has reached out for a comment from Dana White.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/jakepaul

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