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​James Blunt Wins Twitter With Brilliant Reply To Inappropriate Tweet

​James Blunt Wins Twitter With Brilliant Reply To Inappropriate Tweet

Blunt has become known as 'King of Comebacks' thanks to his witty responses to the haters on Twitter

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Whatever you think of James Blunt or his music, there's no denying the dude knows how to give a good comeback when challenged.

He may have originally made his name with 2004 hit 'You're Beautiful' - having been slated for it ever since - but these days he's more well known for his savage online remarks.

His most recent? One about shitting himself.

Someone tweeted Blunt saying his sister was staying in the same hotel room that Blunt had apparently stayed in - asking, pretty bluntly, if that bed had seen any action.

He wrote: "@JamesBlunt my sister just got married at reef villa, Sri Lanka and apparently they are staying in the same room as you did. What we wanna know, did you bang in that bed... could be their claim to fame!"

But alas, Blunt crushed any hopes of an amusing - if not slightly explicit - anecdote for the grandchildren, by saying he'd actually 'shat the bed' that night.

Bit weird the bloke was asking about ol' JB having sex in the bed his sister was staying in, but there we go.

Twitter users commented to refer to Blunt as the 'King of Twitter' and 'King of Comebacks',

One wrote: "To be honest, I'd take the claim to fame of 'I once slept in a bed that James Blunt had shat the bed in'."

Someone else said: "Haha! I'm crying! I needed a good laugh."

Another quipped: "You're Pootiful."

Blunt has become renowned for his savage comebacks on social media, laying into anyone that tries to give him grief.


In a recent advert for Tinder, he even became 'Chief Blunt Officer', offering up some sterling advice for prospective daters.

Advising against group shots, he told people: "It's Tinder not Guess fucking Who."

He told another guy: "You know not everyone supports the shirtless bathroom selfie, but I think it's a great chance to weed out anyone with an ounce of self-respect."

Then for Harry and Meghan's nuptials last year, he had an excellent response to someone asking: "Who invited James Blunt to the royal wedding?"

Blunt hit back: "I'll give you two guesses."

Your move, Twitter.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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