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Lotto Winner Jane Park Offers To Be Lewis Capaldi's 'Sugar Mumma', He Accepts

Lotto Winner Jane Park Offers To Be Lewis Capaldi's 'Sugar Mumma', He Accepts

Could this be the start of a rather unlikely coupling but they both seem more than up for the challenge

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Jane Park has never hidden the fact that she's been rather unlucky in love. In fact, just days she posted a meme which seemed to suggest that she's gone almost a year 'without sex'.

Lewis Capaldi on the other hand isn't doing too bad. When he was interviewed by LADbible, he confessed that he'd got down and dirty within the last seven days...

But it seems things didn't go any further because the 'Someone You Loved' singer is still on the good ol' Tinder. Enter Jane Park.

For anyone who isn't that familiar with 23-year-old Jane Park - she was the UK's youngest EuroMillion's millionaire. In November last year, the singleton was offering £60,000 ($78k) per year to the lucky fella who was willing to date her...

It looks like her efforts were led down the garden path though because it seems she's still well and truly on her lonesome as she recently got in touch with 22-year-old Capaldi asking whether he's after a 'sugar mumma'.

Jane asked whether Lewis Capaldi was looking for a 'sugar mumma'.

Someone (who was clearly chatting shit) commented on the post: "Never heard of him."

Then Lewis responded:

Jane has since sent a reassuring message to her beau (can we call him that?), the post simply says: "Don't listen to him Lewis, perfect here comes the money"... hang on does this mean he's getting her promise of £60k?!

Believe it or not but this all came off the back of Lewis' new single 'Hold Me While You Wait'. Staying true to himself, Capaldi is on a mission to get his tune to number one - in a bid to prove that he's not a 'one hit wonder'.

This means that he's replying to any tweets he can get his hands on. Which is where the bond between Lewis and Jane was formed. Ahhh, I'm sure I read this shit in children's fairy tales.

Jane tweeted:

And Lewis was quick to reply, saying: "fucking yaaaas cheers jane ma sen! so proud of this one! x"

She hit back: "So proud of you x" Cute. Real cute. But no response from Capaldi - icy.

It might be because the hilarious singer is much too busy rn. He's all over Twitter and smashing his Instagram story to pieces trying desperately to explain the of his new song.

Lewis explained to his 1.5 million Insta followers, saying: "Just before anybody says anything right, there's a line here at the start of the song that says 'I'm missing my...' that's 'same old us'. It kinda sounds a wee bit like 'same old ass'."

A classic Capaldi picture.

He then went on to reveal the inspiration behind the single: "It's about a relationship I had, with a lady - yep. And she kind of just turned around one day after a few months and went 'I think I hate you'.

"She said 'Lewis, I think I've spent six months of my life with you and I fucking hate you, I think you're a fucking dick. I've just realised you're a fucking dick and I hate you'."

It's her loss, Lewis. Just remember, Jane is ready and waiting. Your move.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Instagram

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