Jason Momoa Got Ripped To Play Aquaman In 'Justice League' With Some Serious Graft

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Jason Momoa Got Ripped To Play Aquaman In 'Justice League' With Some Serious Graft

Jason Momoa is an actor that has a reputation for being ripped, having spent most of his time shirtless in Game of Thrones and in the reboot of the Arnie classic Conan The Barbarian.

Now the 35-year-old Hawaiian is currently starring in the DC film Justice League as the hench ruler of Atlantis, Aquaman, alongside Ben Affleck's Batman and Henry Cavill's Superman.

But just how much preparation do you need to take up such a physically demanding role? Quite a lot, it turns out.


Momoa could be said to have trained for the Aquaman role for many years, starting when he played Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones.

According to Muscle and Strength magazine, Momoa trained for GoT by following the Accelerated Results 7 (AR - 7) routine, developed by the personal trainer Eric Laciste. I'm guessing those half-a-dozen sits-ups that I do probably aren't included.


This full body routine flies in the face of most weightlifting drills by placing emphasis on low reps, low weight and little rests. The high tempo and fast pace of AR-7 makes people feel the burn quicker, with the whole point of the routine being to actually achieve muscular failure. Hardcore.

One advantage of this programme is that because you aren't pumping super-heavy weights over and over, the person training can potentially perform two to three workouts per day without too much fatigue. And that's exactly what Momoa did.

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When it came to Justice League, the film saw Momoa hitting the gym working out for at least two hours a day, five-to-six days per week, working on his arms, his back, his core, and his stamina. Wowzers.

In an interview with Men's Health last year, Momoa said that despite his swimmer's physique, he doesn't actually enjoy swimming or repetitive gym routines that much. Instead, he prefers to get his exercise from outdoor pursuits and sports, such as his favourite exercise of rock climbing.

"It's very hard sometimes to just work out. It's monotonous and you can get stuck in a rut," Momoa told the magazine. "I get bored, so I do a lot more boxing, surfing, climbing - I do the things I love to do when I'm not training for a role.


"When I have to change my body type, then we just switch it up. Doing a lot more weights for size; a lot more cardio for definition."

In the interview, Momoa also admitted to being an early bird thanks to his two young children, saying "morning is when I do all my best work".


This involves him getting up at 5am every day to get running up a hill or something. That's some motivation.

And despite all this, Momoa famously loves his Guinness, enjoying nothing more than sinking a few pints with his mates at the pub.

Momoa just shows that you can be a mega-stacked sea god and still be at the bar to bring the beers in. Now that's a superhero.

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