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Jennifer Anniston To Be Maid Of Honour At 'Friends' Co-Star Courteney Cox's Wedding

Jennifer Anniston To Be Maid Of Honour At 'Friends' Co-Star Courteney Cox's Wedding

A source claims the two are 'thick as thieves' and have 'a very strong friendship'

Laura Hamilton

Laura Hamilton

Ok, Friends fans, here's something that should have you racing to Netflix for yet another rewatch - looks like Rachel is going to be Monica's maid of honour once more.

But this time Monica is not marrying Chandler. Instead, actor Courteney Cox, 53, is getting married to longtime (and on-again-off-again) boyfriend Johnny Daid, 41, of the band Snow Patrol - and Jennifer Anniston is going to be maid of honour, according to the Mirror.

A 'source' - and doesn't it always seem extra-reliable when a nameless figure is an authority on these things - reportedly told the newspaper: "Courteney and Jennifer are thick as thieves and they have got even closer in recent months.

"Courteney wouldn't want to walk down the aisle without Jennifer by her side. They have a very strong friendship."

Well, there you go then, I'm convinced.

Warner Bros.

I know, news of the wedding doesn't feel right, does it? After all, Matthew Perry is unmarried - it just seems unnatural that everyone's favourite couple from the show hasn't happened in real life. There's still time!

But still, congratulations to the happy couple, who are going to tie the knot this summer. Could we be any happier for them? The couple has been engaged since 2014, and the wedding date is believed to be 15 June - which is also Courtney's 54th birthday.

Two reasons not to forget that date then, eh Johnny?

Johnny and Courtney.

But at least one other member of theFriends cast is going to be there. Jennifer and Courteney have been BFFs since they started on the show together - which was 1994, guys! That's almost 25 years ago (yep, maths).

Anyway, they're always there for each other when the rain starts to pour... through divorces and break-ups, Monica and Rachel are legit.

And they've always been each other's maids of honours - when Jennifer tied the knot with Justin Theroux, Courteney was by her side and has been her 'rock' since the split. So it makes sense that Jennifer is in charge of the bridesmaid duties, hen do and all the rest.


As for the wedding itself, there are two events planned - a massive shindig in Malibu, preceded by a laidback do back home in Johnny's native Northern Ireland.

Remember when Friends visited London? Maybe they could do a special in Belfast... Although I'm already dreading their attempts at the accents.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.

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