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​John Cena Cries Live On Good Morning Britain

​John Cena Cries Live On Good Morning Britain

Wrestling legend John Cena got emotional in front of Piers Morgan when remembering how he got engaged

Chris Ogden

Chris Ogden

John Cena is a tough nut. I mean, you'd have to be to endure the relentless drama of the wrestling ring, but one thing's for sure: the veteran crowd favourite has done his time. The hits are real, the cuts are real and the blood is most certainly real.

He's been the face of the WWE for a fair few years and he didn't get there by being soft, so when we tell you that he was weeping like a wee boy on the Good Morning Britain sofa, he must have a very, very good reason to do so.


Credit: Good Morning Britain / ITV

Well, as any hardcore Holly will be able to tell you, John Cena laid his hustle, loyalty and respect on the line in the ring last Wrestlemania in more ways than one: the Doctor of Thuganomics proposed to his girlfriend, Nikki Bella, live in the ring in front of a packed stadium, straight after the two had won an intergender tag match.

"I was extremely nervous, because the audience controls our programme and this was a match with 75,000 people. You get to the point where you think 'man, this is a good idea', but then you're like 'what if they start chanting 'no, no, no'," he told Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid.

Nikki, thankfully, agreed to his proposal, and the pair are currently planning a wedding for next year.

John Cena proposing
John Cena proposing

Credit: WWE

Forced to watch back the footage by Morgan and Reid, Cena showed a rare moment of weakness, welling up and barely holding in his emotion as he took to one knee in the middle of ring and said "I've been waiting so long to ask you this, Stephanie Nicole Garcia Colace, will you marry me?" using Nikka Bella's real name. "It's the best moment of the life," said Cena, "I couldn't think of a better place to do it."

"The WWE has been my family for the past 15 years and I think that's also what leads to the popularity. We have such a strong connection with our audience and the crazy thing about that moment is that I was in a match before that and if you watch the match back, the audience hates me. But it's such a show of respect that once the performance is over and that this is the moment that we're both going to remember for all of our lives..."

"What if she'd said no?" interrupts Piers - "Well I was trying to put her in an environment where she wouldn't," quips Cena.

A heart-warming tale. Now all he needs is to give Piers an Attitude Adjustment and he can win everyone else's heart as well.

Words: Mike Wood

Featured Image Credit: PA

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