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Kate Moss Hates Paparazzi And Wants Everyone To Know With Fabulous Sweary T-Shirt

Matthew Cooper

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Kate Moss Hates Paparazzi And Wants Everyone To Know With Fabulous Sweary T-Shirt

General consensus around paparazzi has always been that in terms of the media hierarchy, they are little more than scum and pond life. Bottom feeders if you will. I think we can all agree that they do little except frustrate people and invade privacy where it is not warranted.

You may well hate Kanye West but a few years ago he gave his opinion on the pap and it was pretty spot on. Back in 2013 during that infamous interview with Zane Lowe he mentioned that paparazzi had changed what it meant to be a photographer. "Photography used to be a sexy profession. It was like being a ball player or like a rapper or like a venture capitalist," he said. "[The paparazzi] completely changed what photography is supposed to mean. The same as how there's like plenty of musicians that have sold the fuck out and changed the art of music. People don't hold that to the highest level of genius anymore."

"Paparazzi is necessary, not even a necessary evil," West continued. "It just needs to be legalized. Meaning at a certain point, there's cutoff switches."

Mostly, there is no cutoff point, and Kate Moss knows that better than most. If you're not familiar with her being terrified and harassed by paparazzi at LAX then here is a reminder.


Moss has now chosen to model a new anti-paparazzi line of clothing designed by photographer Nick Knight and well, the statement cannot be misconstrued that's for sure.

'FUCK YOU CUNT' is the message that appears on the shirt when it's exposed to flash photography. In normal light the shirt will look completely plain.

"The idea for the shirt came from the sense of outrage I felt after seeing footage of a pack of male paparazzi pursuing, hounding and terrorising Kate Moss and her baby daughter at LAX airport in Los Angeles to the point where they reduced her to hiding under her suitcase as they relentlessly photographed her," Knight explained.


"The Anti-T-Shirt says loud and clear what was probably on her mind."

I wish I was even slightly famous so I had an excuse to don this t-shirt. The term 'genius' gets thrown about a lot these days but on this occasion I don't think it can be understated.

Words by Matthew Cooper

Lead Image Credit: SHOWStudio

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Matthew Cooper
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