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Katie Price And New Boyfriend Get 'Impossible To Cover' Tattoos Of Each Others' Faces

Katie Price And New Boyfriend Get 'Impossible To Cover' Tattoos Of Each Others' Faces

The 42-year-old also had another 'surprise' for Carl...

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Katie Price and boyfriend Carl Woods have had matching tattoos done of each other's faces:

The 42-year-old former glamour model and her 31-year-old fella have had the ink done on their forearms and proudly took to YouTube to show them off.

Price also had a little 'surprise' for Carl as she had also got 'Pricey Woods' on a 'bangle' around her wrist as well as the words 'Katie' and 'Carl'.

She also had a bracelet with her five kids' initials dangling from it and plans to get more Carl-related ink.

The extras that Katie had.
YouTube/The Adventures Of Katie And Carl

On her YouTube video, she went on to tell fans (and Carl): "Above it [the Pricey Woods bangle] I'm gonna do 'Priceywood' as like the Hollywood sign. So I've had more pain. They haven't finished it yet - they've got to colour it all."

The pair, who have been together for four months, have had the tats with the aim to get them so they're 'impossible to cover'.

In a previous video, Katie explained: "Instead of a name, because we've all had names that you can cover - you covered your ex's name because you knew when you had it done it's easy to cover, exactly why I did it. We've all done it."

Carl added: "We're getting impossible to cover statement tattoos."

Well they're not going to be easy to cover so that job's done.
YouTube/The Adventures Of Katie And Carl

At the beginning of this most recent video, Katie can be seen being carried by Carl into a garage where they reveal Carl's Mercedes alongside Katie's mobility scooter, which she has been using since breaking both her feet and ankles on holiday in Turkey.

Price was on her jollies with her kids Junior, 15, and Princess, 13, as well as Carl and said she would need to have both feet operated on to have pins inserted.

A representative for the star confirmed her injury, saying: "I can confirm Katie has incurred an injury. It was sustained by her own doing when visiting a family amusement park with her children, Carl and friends.

"Katie is expected to cut her holiday short and fly back to the UK for further treatment."

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/The Adventures Of Katie And Carl

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