Christian OnlyFans Model Who Earns £150k A Month Says Her Religion Won't Hold Her Back

Christian OnlyFans Model Who Earns £150k A Month Says Her Religion Won't Hold Her Back

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Katie Price Reveals A Troll Made A Fake Video Of Son Harvey

Katie Price Reveals A Troll Made A Fake Video Of Son Harvey

A few months ago, Katie Price shocked us all by revealing some of the tweets that she receives about her disabled son, Harvey.

Harvey, 14, suffers from a form of blindness, autism, and Prader-Willi syndrome which means he finds it easy to put weight on.

Harvey even went on Loose Women and provided a wonderful response to the trolls who were abusing him and his mum. After being asked what he'd like to say to them, Harvey ingenuously said: "Hello, you c**t!" Spot on.

However, it would appear that it has only got worse for the Price family, as Katie revealed to Channel 5 news.


Credit: Channel 5 News

Mum-of-five Katie has reportedly been sent a video of a troll pretending to have sex with Harvey. She's now trying to raise awareness of her online petition which aims to make bullying a criminal offence.

The move already has over 208,000 signatures, at the time of writing, on the official government petition website.


Katie last night told Channel 5 about the horrific images and 'jokes' that are sent to her.

"I've had so many bad comments but I won't talk about them because it's so uncomfortable," she told the news programme.

"One of them made a video of Harvey and made it look like he was having sex with him.

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"The video was shocking - I sent it to the police so they arrested him.


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"But they ended up letting him go because there is nothing in place, for an online troll there is nothing in place to punish them.

She also told the station, in a Facebook Live chat, that nothing would stop her pushing the laws through the House Of Commons.

Suitably so, Katie wants to call the new law 'Harvey's Law' and wants the campaign to go global.


"It won't be hard to get through those Commons when I'm suited and booted and I'm on a mission," said the adamant mum.

"This isn't about me, I want to save a life, I want to help people. It's not just about my son, it's about everyone out there.

"It's got to stop, it's not clever and it's not funny. The social media sites need to tighten up, too.

"After I've conquered this in the UK, I'm going to take over the world."


There is constant activity from social media sites, under persistent scrutiny, to tighten up on trolls.

Last week, LADbible spoke to Instagram on the matter, and the social media platform is working closely with users to make its site a safer one to use.

It has made comments filterable (from none, to removing certain words or phrases) and positively promotes campaign pages which are for the good of human nature.

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