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​Kim Kardashian West’s New Year’s Resolution For 2018 Is To Ditch Her Phone

​Kim Kardashian West’s New Year’s Resolution For 2018 Is To Ditch Her Phone

'My New Year’s resolution is to be on my phone less and be more in the moment'

Chris Ogden

Chris Ogden

A quick scan of Kim Kardashian West's Instagram page shows that, at the time of writing, she has posted 19 pictures in December.

It's an eclectic mix of selfies, throwbacks, punting her own makeup and whatever the hell this is...

Instagram / Kim Kardashian West

Anyway, it's enough to make any celeb with a well-managed image proud but also hardly a prolific posting schedule for someone who, according to her family, is 'obsessed with taking pictures' and someone who is never more than an arm's length from her phone.

That's because there has been a clear decrease in the number of selfies and images in general coming out of Kanye West's better half's social accounts and this could be a sign of things to come.

Kim seems to always be snapped with her phone by the paparazzi, presumably plotting her next tweet or Insta post, but she is vowing to spend less time with her handset in 2018.

Instagram / Kim Kardashian West

According to the Metro, Kim wrote on her app: "My New Year's resolution is to be on my phone less and be more in the moment."

Yeah, yeah, we all know what usually happens with those resolutions. You never quite managed to take up rock climbing or give up the sesh in 2017, did you?

The speculation is that Kim's pledge is because the Kardashian West family are expecting to welcome a third child in January. Kim and Kanye's new baby will be delivered by a surrogate as a sibling to their current brood of North and Saint.


However, it seems that the baby is not the main reason and instead Kim is simply experiencing some sort of enlightenment for ditching her phone and putting focus into a workout regime.

She said: "My 2018 fitness goal is I plan to train really hard and be more consistent, five to six days a week weight training with Melissa."

I've got a 2018 fitness goal as well but don't have the luxury of a personal trainer. I probably just need to ditch that second kebab at the end of a night out and remember that gym membership I've been paying for the past two years means I can set foot on a treadmill.

Anyway, good luck, Kim. We'll see if she is still getting snapped with her phone or if she is more 'in the moment'.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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