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​Kumail Nanjiani's Trainer Has Shared His Intense Workout Regime To Get Him Ripped

​Kumail Nanjiani's Trainer Has Shared His Intense Workout Regime To Get Him Ripped

Trainer Grant Roberts has praised his 'client/friend' for his determination and hard work in the gym

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

It's been a good 24 hours since we found out that Kumail Nanjiani's is now ABSOLUTELY RIPPED, and frankly we can't get over it.

The actor took to Instagram to flaunt his new physique, citing his role as Kingo in The Eternals as the motivation for getting into shape and thanking the army of trainers and nutritionists who had helped him along the way.

Well, now one of those trainers has spoken out about how they managed it, having said in his own Instagram post that he's been asked 'a thousand times' about their approach.


Posting a series of pictures, trainer Grant Roberts wrote a lengthy caption about the dedication of his 'client/friend', saying: "He did it the way anyone can... hard work, dedication and a desire to learn.

"Kumail walked into my gym in January of this year and 9 months later following optimum nutrition and training unveiled his new superhero body to begin filming the @marvelstudios @theeternalsmovieofficial.

"He has maintained his camera ready physique and today released the photos of his transformation and I couldn't be prouder of him.

"I'd be happy to answer any questions you all may have but let me start by saying the key element before beginning any transformation is establishing a realistic goal.

"It's called a lifestyle for a reason - something you can, will and want to continue for the rest of your life. It does not require starving yourself or working out for hours upon hours every day but it does take discipline and the ability to push yourself and continue to find new limits.

"Working out and nutrition should empower and energise you if it doesn't you are doing it wrong."

Roberts reportedly told TMZ that Nanjiani's transformation was all about intensity, and that they had trained for a little over an hour a day, five times a week for 10 months.

While they hit every body part, TMZ reports that Nanjiani particularly needed to focus on his shoulder and biceps.

Grant said they worked on muscle sculpting with dumbbells - raising sets and overhead pressings in every angle imaginable.

After coming to Grant at 150lbs and 20 percent body fat, Nanjiani apparently managed to get himself up to 174lbs and down to 10 percent body fat.

Nanjiani showed off his muscular new frame in an Instagram post, saying he never thought he'd be one of those people who would post a 'thirsty shirtless', but had simply 'worked way too hard for way too long' not to.

Many other beefcake celebs have come forward to congratulate Nanjiani on the new look, with The Rock commenting on his Instagram post: "Extremely hard work. Dense muscle is hard to achieve. Looking great my brother!!"

But The Rock isn't the only person who was impressed - Pornhub decided to pay homage to Nanjiani by changing the featured image for their 'Muscular Men' category to his.


Sharing the bizarre news, Nanjiani wrote on Instagram: "It's been a weird couple of days... This is NOT photoshopped. Pornhub changed their picture of the Muscular Men category to... me.

"As I said, weird couple of days."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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