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Kylie Jenner Denies Calling Herself 'Brown Skinned Girl' On Instagram

Kylie Jenner Denies Calling Herself 'Brown Skinned Girl' On Instagram

Kylie explained the situation to her huge following

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Kylie Jenner has denied referring to herself as a 'brown skinned girl' in one of her Instagram stories, after pictures of the star alongside that wording went viral.

The 23-year-old posted a picture of herself initially with two emojis - one of a white heart and another of the sparkle emoji, then claims she changed that to: "brown eyed girl".

But another version of the picture went viral, showing a caption that read 'brown skinned girl' - which Kylie says was Photoshopped.

What Kylie says she initially posted.

Explaining herself on social media, the billionaire wrote: "My caption [heart and sparkle emojis] then changed to 'brown eyed girl' a few minutes later and that is all."

She added: "Here's a fake version that everyone believed. Saw online someone Photoshopped this photo I posted to change my caption from 'brown eyed girl' to 'brown skinned girl'. I never said this."

Some people weren't convinced that this was a Photoshop hack though. One person said: "Kylie Jenner changed her caption from 'brown skinned girl' to 'brown eyed girl' thinking no one will notice lmfaoooo."

Another added: "Lol Kylie Jenner captioning her pic 'brown skinned girl' then got called out so she changed it to 'brown eyed girl' ........."

A third commented: "I really can't believe the audacity of Kylie Jenner to caption her pic 'brown skinned girl' then change it to 'brown eyed girl' while limiting her comments after getting dragged. Like are you stupid? Sick of these vultures."


Others were quick to defend her, however, as one supporter wrote: "Kylie never said: brown skinned girl wtf. Stop believing in every f**king thing."

Another added: "Kylie Jenner did not put brown skinned girl, in this ONLY screenshot of her it doesn't have a verification next too a real one that says brown eyed girl, people please stop believing everything you see on the internet damn, the post of her saying that is fake."

A third comment read: "Y'all gullible wanna be mad asses really think Kylie Jenner would make her caption 'brown skinned girl'."

This comes after Kylie came under fire for her recent cameo appearance in Cardi B's music video for her single 'WAP'.

Atlantic Records

The reality TV star is barely in the video, but with the Jenner family having previously been accused of appropriating black culture on multiple occasions, Cardi's fans didn't take too kindly to multi-millionaire Kylie being given a role in the video.

One person wrote: "Kylie Jenner was just unnecessary on the Cardi B/ Megan Thee Stallion music video and that's the nicest way I can put it."

It has also led to someone creating a petition to have Jenner removed from the video entirely. Ouch.

The petition reads: "The video was perfect until we saw K and I wanted to throw my phone."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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