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Legendary Documentary Maker Louis Theroux Announces Aussie And New Zealand Tour

Legendary Documentary Maker Louis Theroux Announces Aussie And New Zealand Tour

The legendarily awkward documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux has delighted audiences for more than a decade with his quirky demeanour and bold approach to tough topics.

He's covered everything from assisted suicide to homophobic Evangelical Christians known as the Westboro Baptist Church.

But if you've ever wanted to see him in the flesh without having to stalk him across the world then you can finally do that in Australia and New Zealand.


Theroux is bringing his Without Limits show to Australia next year where he promises a night of 'insight and exploration as he delves into subjects from his extraordinary catalogue of work'.

A synopsis of the show reads: "Hosted by Julia Zemiro, step inside Louis' weird and wonderful mind and take an intimate look into our world and its bubbling subcultures. In this two-hour live show, discover behind-the-scenes secrets as he relives his most famous encounters, and what happened after the cameras stopped rolling."

Considering he's taken a look at just about every weird facet of society you can bet that this will be mind blowing.

Here are the dates and you can get your tickets here:

  • Friday 10th January: The Civic, Auckland
  • Sunday 12th January: Riverside Theatre, Perth
  • Monday 13th January: Convention Centre, Adelaide
  • Wednesday 15th January: Brisbane Convention Centre, Brisbane
  • Thursday 16th January: Royal Theatre, Canberra
  • Friday 17th January: State Theatre, Sydney
  • Sunday 19th January: Plenary Theatre, Melbourne

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One of his most recent documentaries, The Night In Question, tackled the controversial topic of rape on college campuses in America.

Speaking to LADbible, Theroux said there were times when it looked like the documentary may never be completed.


He said: "This is a programme we've been working on for more than a year, actively researching it. The first interview was not much less than a year ago. There were times when we thought we might never be able to see it to completion so it was nice to have something to show for all that work."

Explaining why he decided to broach the sensitive subject of sexual assault, the 48-year-old said it felt like a 'natural subject' for him to explore.

The programme focuses on the story of Saif Khan, a neuroscience major who accused of raping a fellow student, who was found not guilty in court but was subsequently investigated independently by university.

As to whether Theroux felt any sympathy towards the likes of Khan and the other alleged perpetrators he met, the award-winning filmmaker highlighted the difficulty of ever knowing the whole story with regard to such assaults.


Tickets to Without Limits go on sale on June 24.

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