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Lewis Capaldi Says He's Got 'Love Handles' After Lockdown Weight Gain

Lewis Capaldi Says He's Got 'Love Handles' After Lockdown Weight Gain

Lewis Capaldi has said he's gained a stone in weight during lockdown and now has 'love handles'. You're not alone there, pal.

The 23-year-old joked that, much like the rest of us, he's been stuck inside with 'idle hands'.

Speaking on US radio, he said: "I've put on 14lb, I've put on love handles. It's fine. It's a pandemic, baby."

He added: "Like every-one else, I've been at home with idle hands."


Earlier in lockdown, the Scotsman had announced his good intentions to get himself a set of glistening abs and even splashed out on a fancy exercise bike.

He told The Mirror "I've just bought a Peloton. The thing you do spin classes on.

"When I finish my quarantine exercising and we're back into the world, I'm going to walk around with my top off all the time drenched in baby oil.


"My abs are going to be glistening."

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Lewis Capaldi Reveals He's Got A Girlfriend With 'Quite A Posh Voice'

Well, let's be honest, food is more spinning, isn't it? Who can honestly say they didn't enter into lockdown with some very grand plans that lasted less than a week?


Lewis Capaldi Wants To Show Off 'Glistening Abs' After Lockdown

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The singer recently revealed he's in a relationship, but that he and his missus aren't in lockdown together, but that was probably a good thing for her.

During an interview via Zoom with radio station Q94 Lewis was asking if he preferred to be single or in a relationship, to which he replied: "I've never told anybody that I'm in a relationship, so there you go.

Capaldi at a Black Lives Matter protest earlier this month. Credit: PA
Capaldi at a Black Lives Matter protest earlier this month. Credit: PA

"It's an exclusive for you, right here right now."

When pushed to give some more details about the new love in his life, he said: "She's got red hair, she's got quite a posh voice. And that's that, that's all you're getting.

"The thing is, you backed me into a corner. If I'd said [I prefer] 'being single', I would never have heard the end of it. So, there you go."


Sharing that the pair weren't currently isolating together, he continued: "I'm not good to be around that often. Like a little ten-minute spell, keep me there, great.

"I think for everyone's sanity it's good if it's just little doses. Take me in doses."

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