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EuroMillions Winner Spends £100k On Therapist To Transform Her From 'Psycho Girlfriend'

EuroMillions Winner Spends £100k On Therapist To Transform Her From 'Psycho Girlfriend'

We can all get a little 'psycho' sometimes, can't we? Whether it derives from jealousy or insecurity - we've all done it at one point, rightly or wrongly, but don't worry we're not here to judge.

We've all heard of people putting a tracker on their other other half's phone or following them undercover (queue jumping into a bush).

You might have thought about some of this behaviour but we bet you've never planned how to reverse it when it all got too much. Well, Britain's youngest EuroMillions winner has thought about it, a lot. So much that she's actually investing £100,000($135,943) to turn her from 'psycho girlfriend' to 'wife material'.


In a bid to curb her 'morbid' jealousy, 22-year-old millionaire, Jane Park, has been flying London-based Dr Becky Spelman to her home in Edinburgh or even to holiday destinations for sessions, according to the Mirror.

Jane, who is dating Dundee footballer Jordan Piggott, decided she needed help to halt the 'psychotic behaviour' that saw her put a GPS tracker on her boyfriend's car.

Jane has told friends the therapy sessions are to prepare her for marriage, the Daily Record reports.

Jane and Jordan. Credit: Facebook/Jane Park
Jane and Jordan. Credit: Facebook/Jane Park

A close pal said: "Jane's really been working on her behaviour recently. She knows that, as a girlfriend, she can be hard work and is trying to change that. She wants to go from being a psycho girlfriend to wife material.

"She's budgeted £100k over the next year to have her [the psychologist] by her side whenever she needs her.

"The psychologist's fees are £2,000 a week but there is an extra cost as Jane can literally call her and book her straight on to a plane to be at her side, whether that's at her home in Edinburgh, while visiting family in Oxford or on one of her many holidays each year.

"She's really opened up in therapy. She's spoken about planting the tracker on her boyfriend, tackling her trust issues and the problems she's faced since becoming a millionaire. Instead of being known as the 'Lotto whinger', she intends on proactively tackling her issues head on."


Well, we hope it's bloody worth it.

Jane gave an ex-boyfriend, Connor George, a list of 'rules' for his lads' holiday to Ibiza.

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Jane, who became Britain's youngest lottery winner after picking up the £1million jackpot back in 2012, told Connor that there must be no eye contact with any girls, and that he must FaceTime her if his mates bring girls back for a party. She's also going to keep an eye on his Snapchat score. Wow.

Credit: Twitter/Connor George
Credit: Twitter/Connor George

Lotto Winner Jane Park Plans To Move To Dubai To 'Settle Down'

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In March, it emerged that Jane had consulted Dr Becky Spelman to address some of her issues. And the millionaire has now revealed her growing dependency on the psychologist.

Jane told the Record: "I was a bit scared about seeing a therapist to begin with but I've now seeing how much it can help. I don't like my fiery temper and it's not fair on the people who are close to me.

"I've definitely improved a lot - already I don't feel the need to have GPS trackers or give my boyfriends a set of rules any longer.


"Of course it's not easy. There are times I need to call my therapist and stick her on a plane to be by my side for the day but, fortunately, the Lottery has enabled me to do that. If it's working then I don't see the problem.

"I have set aside a very large budget. Some people may see it as excessive but I think spending money on something that is going to change my life for the better is money well spent. I'm so happy in my relationship and I want to ensure my boyfriend is just as happy as I am."

Credit: Facebook/Jane Park
Credit: Facebook/Jane Park

She added: "Whenever Jordan went somewhere I didn't recognise, I'd call him and ask where he was, just to see if he lied to me - he had no idea I was monitoring him. Now, talking through anything that bothers me with Dr Spelman makes me realise I'm overreacting."

Dr Spelman said: "Jane experiences morbid jealousy when she hasn't learned to trust in a relationship. She also struggles to deal with other negative emotions.

"The fact she won the Lottery at such a young age put her in situations where she always got what she wanted and could call the shots on most things, rather than learning she can't always get her own way.

"This has resulted in her having poor boundaries when it comes to others and doing unacceptable things to get what she wants.

"Her poor emotional regulation will mean she also has low empathy when it comes to others as she doesn't deal with her own emotions well. It also clouds her ability to consider and understand other people's emotions, meaning her boyfriend's feelings do not play a part in her decision making.

"This emotional blindness means she doesn't consider how he feels when she takes actions such as tracking him. Jane has to do a lot of work on herself."

We can only hope all goes smoothly, for Jordan's sake anyway - and her bank balance.

Featured Image Credit: PA/Facebook/Jane Park

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