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Matthew McConaughey Tries To Get Random People 'High' In Disguise

Matthew McConaughey Tries To Get Random People 'High' In Disguise

The actor was dressed as the character of his new film, The Beach Bum

Did you ever pour juice in to the cap of a bottle when you were younger, neck it in one and then stumble around the place as if you were pissed? Ahem, no, me neither. What about laughing along with someone's joke even though you didn't get it, or even find it funny?

Or maybe a Hollywood actor has given you 'THC-infused' produce, and you didn't feel high but opted to roll with it anyway... on second thoughts, that probably hasn't happened.

That was the reality for these people, however, because they were well and truly conned by Matthew McConaughey when he took to the streets dressed up as his character from upcoming movie The Beach Bum, marijuana enthusiast Moondog.

The segment was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! as part of the promotion for the upcoming film, which also stars Snoop Dogg, Isla Fisher, Jonah Hill and Zac Efron.

McConaughey, 49, took to Hollywood Boulevard to offer people a variety of 'cannabis-infused' items including ketchup, mustard, spray and eye drops.

These products were of course just everyday supermarket purchases, with no THC involved, but thanks to the simple power of suggestion, the reactions were priceless. One woman reported feeling 'tingly', adding 'it's crazy'.

Moondog - ok, McConaughey - was really selling the items, saying: "Before you try one of these, I've gotta tell ya, it's a very quick ramp meaning in five to six seconds you're gonna feel it."

He gave someone a 'pot dog' which he proceeded to cover in 'THC-infused' ketchup and mustard with 'THC-infused' lemon zest.

McConaughey poured eye drops into someone's eyes to get them 'high'.
Jimmy Kimmel Live/ABC

Another bloke - who drank some concoction - said: "I'm feeling a little something, something relaxing coming over me. Like I'm at the beach."

The third victim featuring on the clip was sprayed underneath his arms, on his ankles and even around his crotch before bubbles were blown on to his face, which he proceeded to rub into his face with a bemused expression.

He then said: "That's tight, bro. I like that," before asking whether the 'marijuana connoisseur' had a card.

'Moondog' responded: "I'm just always here, I don't go with cards, man - next time we run into each other is next time we run into each other."

Impressive recovery right there.

The moment Snoop Dogg started shouting from a coach.
Jimmy Kimmel Live/ABC

The recording then cut back to the first woman as McConaughey asked her: "Do you have children?" She confirms that she did and he quickly replied: "Do not give them this."

As he fed the oblivious woman, Snoop Dogg popped his head out of the window of a coach. The woman couldn't quite believe it and McConaughey, still in character, referenced the effects of the 'weed', commenting: "See what happens."

Wonder how long it took for the effects to 'wear off' for these people...

Featured Image Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live/ABC

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