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Maya Jama Is Unimpressed By Men Who Send D*** Pics To Her DMs

Maya Jama Is Unimpressed By Men Who Send D*** Pics To Her DMs

Turns out sending a photo of your genitals to a stranger on the Internet is not the way to their heart

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Much like the rest of the population, Maya Jama has said she's less than impressed when she receives an unsolicited dick pic through her DMs.

Speaking during an Instagram Live with Clara Amfo, the radio presenter said: "I never used to reply to DMs because I'd be like, I don't ever want to meet somebody through DMs.


"But obviously, recently I've replied to DMs. If somebody's done a funny meme or a gif, or something like that makes me chuckle, that's good."

Speaking specifically about the weirdos who think it's OK to send snaps of their genitals, she added: "It always goes through my mind, like, 'You've sent me a picture of your willy. Even if I loved the sight of you, I can't respond to you now because I've just seen your willy.'" Good point, well made.

Revealing that she likes to do a bit of research before committing to a date, she explained: "If I'm going to speak to a guy I will find out everything I can about them before I've even given them my number. I'm literally like, in the group chat, 'Girls, do you know anything about him?'

"What I've been doing in my life is, if somebody asks for my number, I just call them straight away.

"You know instantly from the phone conversation if you can date them."


Twenty-five-year-old Jama, who split from grime star Stormzy last year, then went on to encourage her fans to indulge in a bit of phone sex if they're missing their significant other during lockdown.

"If you are confident enough to do it, phone sex is the movement," she said. "That's what people have been doing for years in long distance.

"I need to practise my sexy voice on the phone and see where it goes."

Jama ended things with Stormzy last summer after dating for four years. Shortly after the break-up, Stormzy admitted to 'disrespecting' Jama when they were a couple.

Speaking on Hot 97, he said: "It was very inconsiderate. It didn't need for it to be cheating for it to be a disrespect. But I thought now was a good time to say that I didn't cheat on my ex."

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