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BBC Radio 1 DJ Maya Jama Trolled By 'Hugh Janus' Prank Live On Air

BBC Radio 1 DJ Maya Jama Trolled By 'Hugh Janus' Prank Live On Air

We can't believe Maya Jama fell for this classic banter

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

While we'd all love to pretend we're smart enough not to fall for a practical joke, in reality we're not always that quick - as anyone who fell for something on 1 April recently will know all too well.

But there are some golden oldies that we'd like to hope we'd be able to avoid, like the times your little brother goes to high-five you, only to whip his hand away at the last second to make you look daft, or the whole fake blood gimmick.

Radio 1 DJ Maya Jama was the victim of one such prank, and it was while she was live on air.

Giving shout-outs to listeners, Jama said innocently: "Hugh Janus, your son or daughter loves you, they've said that."

And it seems she didn't realise what had happened until others began tweeting about it and the mentions started rolling in, with one person writing: "Dying @MayaJama just fell for the old 'Hugh Janus' joke live on air @BBCR1 @gregjames @Chris_Stark @scott_mills #hugeanus."

Another person asked: "Did @MayaJama really just fall for the 'hello to Hugh Janus' on @BBCR1".

Some others were a little more sympathetic, with one person telling Jama: "You're not the 1st and definitely not the last. I've heard some real screamers over the years."

Thankfully, Jama took it in her stride, tweeting: "My first trick name blooper on radio1. He got me good."

Responding to a fan on Twitter, she also explained it had been the spelling that got her, as they'd gone for 'Hugh Jayness' rather than the more traditional 'Hugh Janus'. Clever.

"Looooooolfffs," she wrote.

"The spelling of jayness got me."


Another person tweeted Jama to say 'well done for acknowledging it' - also admitting they'd had to rewind the clip to make sure they'd heard it right.

Fellow Radio 1 DJ Chris Stark also offered up some words of wisdom, telling Jama: "Oh my god, the floodgates are gonna open now. Do NOT shoutout anyone with the last name hunt..."

First name Mike, you mean? Ah, yes. Best avoid that one, Maya.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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