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Mel B Claims She Slept With Spice Girls Bandmate Geri Horner

Mel B Claims She Slept With Spice Girls Bandmate Geri Horner

The singer made the revelation while appearing on Piers Morgan: Life Stories

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

You may or may not be aware that the Spice Girls are going on a reunion tour this year - minus Posh (aka Victoria Beckham). This is why we've been seeing a lot more of them on our TV screens of late.

In November, Mel B revealed that she used cocaine throughout the making of The X Factor, starting with two lines in the morning shortly after waking up.

Now the singer - whose real name is Melanie Janine Brown and whose pretend name is Scary Spice - has dropped another bombshell on us all.

Appearing on Piers Morgan: Life Stories the 43-year-old claimed she had slept with bandmate Geri Horner (formerly Halliwell) during the 90s.

Piers pressed her about rumours of a romance between the two and asked if Mel B had ever 'had a little dabble'.

After a brief silence, Mel said: "She had great boobs," while doing the universally accepting boob cupping hand gesture.

Putting two and two together, Piers asked: "So you did?," in a high-pitched voice that reflected his giddy excitement.

Mel replied: "Well, not really."

Piers probed: "Well, you clearly did? Right?" Still in an unusually high-pitched tone.

Mel B then asked the onlooking Mel C to answer for her, but the latter Mel said she didn't know anything about the pair's alleged sexual escapades.

After some more trademark Piers probing, Mel B finally dropped the faux-coy act and conceded she had slept with Ginger Spice in more than just a platonic way. At this point, the camera panned to Mel C, whose jaw had quite literally dropped.

Mel B claims she slept with Geri Horner during the 90s.

Mel B then went off on a rant about how the gingerest spice was now going to hate her.

It's almost as if they have loads of tickets to sell, isn't it?

She said: "She's gonna hate me for this cos she's all posh with her country house and her husband, but it's a fact.

"But it wasn't a thing, it just happened and we just giggled at it and that was it.

"I have said it now. All done. She is going to kill me."

Geri is yet to publicly refute or confirm Mel B's claims, however, she did once discuss having 'lesbian sex' while speaking to US DJ Howard Stern during the 90s.

According to The Mirror, she said: "I had lesbian sex once. I realised quickly I was not a lesbian.

"I don't mind boobs but the other bit is not my cup of tea. I didn't like the lesbian thing. It is part of experimenting. I was drunk at the time.

"I don't think she was a lesbian either. I'm going to leave the rest to your imagination. I could never ever say who it was."

The band will kick off their tour at Manchester's Etihad Stadium on 1 June 2019, before moving onto dates in Coventry, London, Edinburgh, Bristol and Sunderland throughout the rest of the summer.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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