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Mike Tyson Kicks Off 4/20 Being Interviewed While High

Mike Tyson Kicks Off 4/20 Being Interviewed While High

'Pretty much every day’s 4/20, but the actual day 4/20 is something to be remembered'

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Boxing legend Mike Tyson was one of the many people celebrating 4/20 yesterday, having made sure he started things off on a high by lighting up.

But while he enjoyed a morning joint, he also took the time to speak to TMZ Sports about his appreciation for the national holiday, which he believes symbolises the beginning of the 'revolution' to de-criminalise weed.

Explaining how he believes the day - held annually on 20 April - is hugely important, Tyson said: "Pretty much every day's 4/20, but the actual day 4/20 is something to be remembered.

"This is the start of a revolution that's been going on for 30 or 40 years."

Mike Tyson/Instagram

Tyson has been a big fan the green stuff for some time now, having launched his own weed company Tyson Ranch in 2016, shortly after California legalised recreational marijuana.

Referring to weed as the 'medicine of the world', he continued: "For all the many years, decades, generations that were all disenfranchised with one another, and different countries, different states - you know, it's all over the world, we're just disenfranchised, we can't be among one another.

"4/20 allows us to be enfranchised with one another."

Tyson also discussed his dream celebrity smoking buddy, saying he'd have loved to spark up with 'the king' Bob Marley.

"There's no doubt," he said.

"He is just such an amazing man. I wish I had the opportunity to meet him."

Thankfully, Tyson said he has been able to smoke with some of Marley's children.

"I went to the Marley estate in Jamaica and I had the privilege to experience some of the history of the Marley family," he explained.

"That was so amazing that I went to the house [where] he lived when he was just a young boy coming up in the music world, and he would write all his ideas on the wall. So everything that he'd written on the wall was still on the wall. Every country he's been to is still on the wall."

Sounds like a good wall, to be fair.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@tysonranchofficial

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