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Beyoncé Makes An Astonishing Amount Of Money For One Social Media Post

Beyoncé Makes An Astonishing Amount Of Money For One Social Media Post

Beyoncé outshines her competitors in pretty much every aspect.

She is in incredible singer and businesswoman - with Forbes saying she earned $290 million (£230 million) last year alone.


Take a moment for that to sink in. Two hundred and ninety MILLION dollars in just one year.

But she's very clever about the way she deals with the press and how much she posts on social media.

Her announcement on Instagram at the start of the year saying she was expecting twins melted the internet. The photo has gone on to become the most liked in history.

The RnB singer is also rarely seen doing interviews - if at all - maintaining control over her image.


Her posts on Instagram have also been fairly sporadic, mainly about family or performances she has done.

This combination makes her a target for any company with enough cash to burn.

According to D'Marie Analytics, Queen Bey is the most marketable person on social media. The company believes one post has the advertising value of $1 million. Just one post.

Chief executive of D'Marie, Frank Spadafora, told Moneyish "Her limited release of exclusive, curated content causes such frenzy from her audience. These days, less really is more."

She also rarely includes endorsements - which makes the race to become the next company to pay her price even more interesting.

The only times Beyoncé has used products in her posts were for Pepsi and for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie - and she had a song on the soundtrack.

The Pepsi endorsement reportedly cost the soft drink company $50 million (£40 million) in 2012.

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But Bey isn't the only one cashing in on her fame.

Selena Gomez came in second on the list of most bankable celebrities - as she has the most amount of Instagram followers at 116 million.

Rhianna is also around the upper echelons of celebrity endorsement value. The Barbados singer topped a similar list last year.

The NPD Group determined Rhianna's fans had the most distinctive tastes. Her social media posts are littered with shout outs to Puma, Christian Dior and Stance socks.

It seems that legendary basketball player, Shaquille O'Neal, wasn't as business minded as Beyoncé and co. when it comes to endorsement deals.

Right before he was drafted as a 20-year-old, he got an endorsement deal of $1 million (£800,000) and blew it all very quickly.

"When you're young, you don't have a lot of business savvy," explained Shaq, who said he didn't know about FICA and sales tax. "I thought I was getting one million straight up! Really, I only got $600,000."

First it was off to the Mercedes dealership to get some nice wheels. He had always wanted a black Merc and that's what he bought.

"I came home and my dad was like, 'That's nice, where's mine?' and so I told the guy I want another one and then I got home and my mum was like, 'That's nice, I don't want a big one, I want a little one'."

Must have been that dealer's lucky day.

His banker, an old family friend, called him up to tell him he needed to check his finances. "I was $80,000 in the hole," he admitted.

Despite this, Shaq's net worth is around £350 million, earning a cool £292.2 million during his NBA career.

I think he can afford to drop a million here and there.

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