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Robbie Williams Once Hid A Spice Girl In The Boot Of His Car

Robbie Williams Once Hid A Spice Girl In The Boot Of His Car

The singer went on 'The Graham Norton Show' to talk about his new book - sharing one particular story that had us all in stitches.

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

You know that when Robbie Williams goes on The Graham Norton Show he's going to bring some brilliantly weird stories along with him. One of his sex tales was even so filthy that they had to cut it out from re-runs of the show. And true to form, last night he sure didn't disappoint. Watch what he had to say:

Credit: BBC/The Graham Norton Show

You may or may not know that he once had a fling with former ginger Spice Girl Geri Halliwell - or Geri Horner as she's now known.

"We weren't dating. We were friends and... you know," he says with a twinkle in his eye. I think we all know what he means by that.

He recounts how one evening she came to his flat in Notting Hill, where the window was quite public.

"A bus would pull up and they'd just be watching Robbie Williams watch the television every 20 minutes," he says.

"That particular evening, Geri was around at the flat. I don't know how but 20 to 25 paparazzi were outside and they were letting the flashlights go off, trying to get us to come to the window."

He even got the police round to see what his rights were - with Geri hiding in the cupboard to keep their 'friendship' a secret - only to get told off by the policeman. The copper said: "Can I stop you? When you start out, in your career, that's when you want the press, isn't it? When the press want something from you, you don't like that, do you?"

Credit: PA

Needless to say the police didn't end up helping Robbie, so he had to think again.

"I told Geri we can't do anything about the paparazzi, and we should get out of here," Robbie continues. "I had a genius idea to put her in a hold-all because she's a very small person. I literally put her in this duffle bag and put her over my shoulder."

He then put her in the boot of her car and drove off. The oblivious paparazzi carried on snapping away with absolutely no idea. And the best bit is that he pissed off to go and get fried chicken while she was in there.

"When we got to the service station and I had a KFC, I could have let her out but nature called I had to have that chicken."

I mean, it always feels like chicken should come first, regardless of whether or not your mate's stuffed in the back of your car, but probably not the best idea, is it? He didn't even throw her a wing or anything, the dick.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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